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With every passing decade, all the conventional energy resources are becoming scarce. What would you think of as an alternate resource for electricity in your home? The sun. For quite some time now, man has been aware of solar energy as being quite a potent and viable energy alternative to the traditional hydropower. Solar panels have been available for nearly 50 years now. One can find solar panels of varying sizes and capacity in homes and workplaces across the country. Sometimes, public utility equipment viz streetlights, trams, etc. are run efficiently on solar power.

Backyard Revolution

Backyard Revolution – Does This Help To Save Electricity?

People, of late, have been installing solar panels at homes and are saving hundreds of dollars as well as energy resources each year. But the equipment setup is quite complicated and requires a huge space for installation. It certainly helps save on monthly power bills. However, the initial set up cost is quite high. Further, the traditional setup wastes over 85% of the solar energy that is available to it during the day.

The high setup cost and lack of effective design have prompted some to look for an alternative to the traditional solar power equipment. Zack Bennet came up with an innovative idea called the Backyard Revolution. It does not require much space, and it is extremely cost-efficient. Anyone who has a bare notion of electrical systems can very easily install it in their homes.


This product has zero maintenance costs. You need to install panels that are 3 dimensional in structure. These are a series of overlapping panels, which help to generate twice the quantum of energy with much less space than the conventional rooftop solar panels. The system shall help you save over 60% of your current monthly power expenses.

Layers of solar panels are placed in a way that each of them receives maximum sun rays.

The handbook contains the complete installation process that is much easier for all its users. You do not have to be an expert to set up the system.

The program comes with a detailed set of instructions in a compact disc, both in video and text format. The video guide is beneficial, and it will give help you get a clear idea about the system. The program also suggests energy stockpiling secrets and EMP protection protocols.

How Is This System Different From The Traditional Solar Panels?

It was observed that the solar panels get maximum solar energy when the sun rays perpendicularly hit them. However, it was found that the traditional solar panel is only effective for a few hours when the sun is directly on the top. This is because the sun changes position as the day progress. Also, because of the sheer size of the solar panels, it was never conducive to keep them mobile in the path of the sun. The Backyard Revolution is just a set up of solar panels arranged in a zig-zag manner. They are positioned in a 3D configuration. This way, you can keep a solar panel directly before the sun, irrespective of its position during the day. In this way, there is an optimum capture of energy by merely positioning various panels at proper angles. Some research also suggests that these zig-zag panels turn out to be really efficient during winters and spring when thin rays of sunlight peep out of the heavy blankets of clouds.

Backyard Revolution Review

Backyard Revolution Founder

The Backyard Revolution Guide was created by Zack Bennet – a carpenter by profession. He is based in Orlando, Florida. Zack encountered a mishap. One night the power grid failed. Consequently, the burglar alarm was rendered inactive. His house was broken into by a few burglars from the backyard. This incident pushed him to invent a fail-proof mechanism that would help supply an uninterrupted supply of power.

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Significant Benefits of Backyard Revolution Solar Array

The time it takes to set up the entire system from start to finish is just under 4 hours.

You can now easily install the Backyard Revolution system within the least space and save a lot of money and energy. This system takes under 5% of the total area the traditional solar power system usually takes.

For those who are not DIY experts, the package comes with a detailed instruction manual that is available in both text and video format.

By installing the solar panels, you not only save on power bills but also protect the environment from the harmful emissions caused by the electricity generators.

The kit also comes with sufficient information on how to efficiently stock energy resources and what alternative resources should one resort for if the power grid were to fail for some reason.

The kit comes with a high voltage tactical flashlight that may come handy in times of sudden power outage.

There are videos available online, that can help you guide during those rare times of system malfunctions.

Could The Backyard Revolution Be A Scam?

It is a legitimate product with a very huge user base. Hundreds of families have benefited from it. However, in the event you are not satisfied with the product, there is a 60 day 100 percent money back guarantee on the product. But then, you may never have to invoke the clause at all. While this system was quite popular in a residential neighborhood, a government-aided small school of about 1000 students, who had resorted to this cost-efficient option found it useful too. On further inquiry, it was found that savings in their power bills had enabled them to shore up for other immediate and necessary expenses during a cash crunch.

Purchase & Price

The entire kit is sold for USD 39 only.

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MoneyBack Guarantee & Refund Policy

In case you are not satisfied with the product, you are entitled to a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase.


What if I am unable to build the system using Backyard Revolution System Guide?
The Backyard Revolution is sold by the well-reputed – ClickBank. This company has been in the business of affiliate marketing for long now and has an easy and transparent money-back policy. If you are unable to build the system, or if you meet with any hindrance, the customer care executive will provide you with the necessary support. In the worst-case scenario, should you wish to return the product, you are insured by a 60 Days, 100 percent money-back policy.

I am not even a techie. I may find the language in the system manual to be just a bunch of jargon. Can I still set the system up successfully?
Absolutely. The language used in the Backyard Revolution user manual is specifically designed and lucidly worded to enable even non-technicians to easily handle the setup and installation process in a short span. The manual also comes with easily understandable diagrams that shall aid any layman to set up the system in no time. Usually, it takes about 4 hours to set up the entire system from start to end.

Does one need to charge the system?
There is no provision of plugging the system to another energy resource. This system requires only sunlight for a few hours. After it is adequately charged, you can use it at any time of the day without worrying about interruptions or breakdowns. The system set up process is convenient and very user-friendly.

What is the nature of support services I get on the purchase of this product?
The kit comes with a compact disc that contains video instructions as to how to set up the solar panel. The purchaser is also eligible for email access for 12 months from the date of purchase. One can shoot queries on email and can expect reply under an hour or so. You can download the videos into any of your electronic devices such as a computer, cellphone, tablet, etc. Further, the user will be eligible to receive updates on the system, as and when they are available online.

Can it power my whole house?
The Backyard Revolution is still viewed as a secondary power resource. However, it is possible to power a whole house utilizing this system. To do that, you should estimate your daily power consumption and then try and scale up the system. The system capacity can be scaled up by adding a few modules. The set up manual contains the necessary instructions to do so. You could even set up a system in your garage and power up your electric vehicles whenever they are parked.

Does one require a vast area to set this system up?
Not really. The system requires an area under 10 sqft.

Does it take a long time to set the system up?
No. You may spend at least 30 minutes to watch instructional videos and read the physical manual thoroughly. You may probably take another 2 and a half hour to erect the entire system. In all, the total time involved could be up to 3 hours. To build the system, you may need solar panels, power inverter, electric wire, a solar controller and a battery. These necessary accessories may cost you $200.

What other accessories or equipment can I plus to this system?
Depending upon the capacity of the system, you may also use it to recharge your electric vehicle parked in the garage. You could even run a small plant once the solar power system generates enough power.

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Pros and Cons

Some of the Pros and Cons of the product are: –


  • Simple Installation: As mentioned earlier, a minimum building knowledge is enough for the installation. A teenage kid shall be able to install it after watching the videos provided, with no trouble at all.
  • Independence from the unreliable power grid: One cannot trust these national grid systems anymore. They are extremely unpredictable and go bust any minute. Backyard Revolution helps you generate electricity on your own out of the abundantly available natural resources. It makes you self- reliant.
  • Saves Money: Power bills are one of the sizable domestic expenses that one may have to encounter. Bigger the family, higher are the power consumption, higher are its costs. This system shall help you save over 60 per cent of your current monthly power expenses.
  • Requires less space: This system requires under 5 per cent of the space the traditional solar power system may take. As the name suggests, the product can be comfortably set up in your own backyard.
  • No Maintenance Cost: The system is totally immune to any major maintenance issues. You may hardly incur any maintenance cost thorough out the year.
  • Marginal purchase price: The entire system comes for a measly USD 39.
  • Wide range of uses: You can power up equipment in a remote area and not worry about any power failure. You may keep your burglar alarm system powered up at all times and not worry about it malfunctioning due to lack of power. Zack Bennett, the founder, may vouch for the importance of the same.


  • Dependent on Solar Energy: The only drawback this system may encounter is that it may not be that efficient during spring and winter. This system is solely reliant on solar energy. There is no provision to fuel it through any other energy resource.

Customer Testimonials

“I have been facing power issues in my neighborhood, ever since I can remember This product Backyard Revolution is indeed a revolution in today’s times. At my age when there aren’t many avenues for me to earn, this equipment does a great deal in saving costs. “ – Carlos Mathew, 57 years. Duluth, Minnesota.

“I have a huge family of 9 people. I was always worried about rising power bills for the last 3 years. This product – Backyard Revolution has indeed been a much needed relief to me. Also, I don’t have to be worried about the inconvenience that may occur to be aged parents due to frequent power cuts. ” – Rob Johnson, 37 years, Orlando, Florida.

“I got married last year. My husband and I were skeptical of continuing to live in our neighborhood because of a lack of proper power utilities and rising house break-ins. However, we were also unable to move out elsewhere due to rising real estate prices. I bought this system on the recommendation of a friend of mine. I am happy that I did. At least, my basic needs are taken care of.” – Jenny Taylor, 32, Kansas.


Do you consider yourselves to be a responsible citizen of the society of your country? If yes, then it is high time that you stop relying on the government or the electricity board. In any case, you currently receive power at very exorbitant costs. Moreover, the current power system cannot provide you with an alternate energy resource during a complete power outage or system failure due to the occurrence of any natural disasters.

In these grim circumstances, it is highly recommended to have an alternate power generation set up at the least cost and absolutely no maintenance. Moreover, the installation of the Backyard Revolution solar power system in your home will not only help your family. It will also help the world by reducing the effluence and other harmful emissions that are generated by these power generators each year.

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