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Wright State grad to shoot original film

Adam Ramsey, Contributing Writer

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Wright State University graduate and film director Kyle Forquer has plans to shoot an original short film in Dayton, but said he needs help.

The film, “The Bakery Boys of Fairfield County,” is being produced independently with the crew seeking the funds to make the project a reality. According to a press release, the production team is collecting funds through sponsorships, but the majority of their fundraising will come through a campaign on Indiegogo, a funding assistance website.

The film is to be set in Lancaster, Ohio and is about two brothers, Remy and Josh, whose brotherly competition with one another gets out of hand.

The production crew consists of a large portion of WSU alumni and current students, and the film is to be shot in Dayton, despite the fact that it is set in the filmmaker’s hometown.

“I would love to shoot it in my hometown and in that area, but most of the cast and crew are out of Wright State and out of the Dayton area, so it’s mostly practical,” Forquer said. “If I had a million dollars, I’d be filming in Fairfield County, but I’ve got a shoestring budget and I’m holding it together with scotch tape and popsicle sticks.”

Forquer believes that this film will be good for both WSU film students and the Dayton community.

“I think the biggest thing is that WSU film students get specifically is the benefit of more on-set experience,” Forquer said. “As far as the Dayton community goes, I want people to have the experience like this film is coming from one of their own, like the people and these stories are happening in their community.”

Filming for “The Bakery Boys of Fairfield County” is set to begin in August.

Forquer said that he intends to release his short to local film festivals around the area and to have a screening set up online with a video service. The film’s Indiegogo page has more information on the film and how to donate.

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Wright State University
Wright State grad to shoot original film