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Horror movies creeping to a theatre near you

Ben Randolph, Contributing Writer

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Greetings, boys and ghouls! In a few short days it will be October, and the countdown to that most frightfully fun Holiday of Halloween shall begin! Let us take a peek inside the candy bowl and see what tricks and treats the theatre has to offer in honor of All Hallows Eve!

If you can’t wait for a taste of horror, than “Resident Evil: Retribution” is in cinemas now. Be warned, though: this movie places more of an emphasis on action than horror, with series heroine Alice fighting the minions of the Umbrella Corporation for the fifth time. Even though there aren’t many scares, the 3D promises plenty of eye candy.

The little ones will get a double feature with “Hotel Transylvania,” which will be released this weekend, and “Frankenweenie,” due Oct. 5.

“Hotel Transylvania” deals with what happens when a human enters the world of monsters (ripping off “Monsters, Inc.” much?).

“Frankenweenie” tells the tale of a boy and his reanimated dog, Sparky. These movies are perfect if you want to explore the lighter side of Halloween, or are just too chicken for real horror.

Also out on Oct. 5 will be a veritable grab-bag of gory goodies with the anthology film “V/H/S.” This is the perfect film for those who like their horror in bite-sized portions.

However, this one is already On Demand, if the idea of sticky floors and overpriced popcorn gives you more of a fright than the movie!
“V/H/S” is a collection of six short films, which use the found footage style that has become popular in recent years. Each movie has a different director, which makes each movie unique.

“Sinister,” a story about a family man who uncovers a terrifying demon in his new home creeps to screen Oct. 12.

Apparently the demon in question receives its power when people look at it, so I guess if nobody sees this, we will all be safe.

If you miss seeing “Saw” every Halloween, Oct. 19 will bring its replacement franchise, “Paranormal Activity 4.” Spoiler alert: activities of a paranormal nature will happen.

Will there be answers to some of the series’ most burning questions? Probably not, since then they would stop making movies and thus stop making money.

Do you like a heaping helping of crazy in your horror? Look no further than “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D,” due out on Oct. 26.

The whole movie looks like it was found in Marilyn Manson’s brain, and in three dimensions, no less. There will be a lot of creepy things and not much of a plot, but who said horror has to make sense?

Finally, quite possibly the greatest Halloween treat of all will grace not the silver screen, but the small screen: the seventh season of “Dexter” premieres this Sunday, Sept. 30. Grab a dark passenger and strap yourself in, it’s going to be one heck of a great Halloween!

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Horror movies creeping to a theatre near you