Are Collagen Supplements Right For You?

Our human body is one of the most unique creations on this planet earth. The entire mechanism of the human body is so correlated and complicated that is one particular part of the human body can’t function on its own independently. The human body is made up of innumerable things – out of which proteins are a very important component. Protein is very essential for the overall development and growth of us humans right from our adolescence age to teenage and later on it also prepares women during their pregnancy. Each and every cell in our human body has protein. If you have to define the basic structure of the protein, it is nothing but a collection of linked amino acids. Our body is made up of different kinds of fittings as well – among them, it is the collagen protein that resembles utmost importance. It is considered to be a major component of the connective tissues in our body that make up the different other parts of our body. These include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin. Collagen is said to perform various important functions in our human body including providing the basic structure to our skin and also strengthening our bones. This is precisely why we need to consume foods that contain collagen. This has given rise to collagen supplements and amino acids have become a huge business these days.

Collagen Supplement

What Is Collagen Supplement?

Before we understand what a collagen supplement is, we need to first understand what this does to our body. Our body makes use of amino acids to build bones, muscles, skin, hair, cartilage, connective tissues. As mentioned earlier there are different kinds of amino acids present in our body, however, it is the collage and that is found in abundance in our body and it is very important as well. In fact, collagen is considered to be the structural protein that is responsible for the skin’s structure.

One downfall of aging is that as a body ages the collagen production in our body declines at a rapid rate. But throughout our lifetime we will always need adequate Kalaji to keep our muscles and skin and bones and joints healthy. And the only way we can achieve this is to add collagen to our everyday diet. This is where collagen supplement comes into the picture. In recent times collagen supplements have become extremely popular. And most of the supplements are hydrolyzed, this simply translates to collagen being broken down so that it is much easier for a body to observe it. On the contrary, there are also several foods that we can take to boost our collagen in our body.

What Is Collagen Powder?

There are so many different types of collagen out there and each of them is composed of unique and different peptides and amino acids. We all have different types of skin and tendons when compared to cartilage; therefore figuring out which type of collagen powder helps our health and body the best can be a bit tricky. Naturally, the different kinds of collagen supplements out there can also vary based on a ton.

Most of the collagen supplements powder that is available in the market and known to contain a hydrolyzed type – one collagen extracted from fish scales, heights, or bones. If you’re wondering what the term hydrolyzed means — it is breaking up of the amino acid chains into much smaller units, this is a process that allows the collagen powder to dissolve in water liquids and hot liquids. This is one of the main reasons why this form of collagen powder supplement has gained popularity because we can add it to anything right from coffee to soups, cold brews to smoothies. It also comes with a protein powerhouse punch as just two scoops of these collagen powder supplements deliver nearly 18 g of proteins.

Health Benefits Of Collagen Supplement

Currently, several studies are researching the benefits and side effects of collagen supplements. While this area of research is still ongoing, here are some of the potential upsides is that the human body can benefit from consuming collagen supplements.

  1. It Can Improve The Skin

Scientists say that nearly 75% of the skin is dry weight is made up of collagen. And as a body age, the skin layer starts to lose collagen and this makes it less supple and more exposed to damage. In the year 2015, several studies were carried out by scientists who evaluate whether or not taking collagen supplements will improve the skin’s tissue. And the results showed that taking collagen supplements can actually improve the skin hydration level and also the dermal network of collagen— these are a great achievement in handling the signs of skin aging.

Another study states that taking collagen supplements improves skin elasticity. This was based on the result where women aged between 35 to 55 when they took collagen supplement or a placebo daily for eight weeks, their skin elasticity improved compared to those who did not take a collagen supplement.

  1. It Can Help Improve The Bone Health

Collagen, in general, helps in maintaining our cartilage integrity – cartilage is a rubber-like tissue that helps in protecting joints. And as we age when the collage and percentage in our body decrease we develop a higher risk of degenerative joint disorders, for example, osteoarthritis. Studies have proved that when we take collagen supplements. We are reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis and overall joint pain as well. In a particular study, 73 athletes consumed 10 g of collagen supplements every single day for 24 weeks. They were recorded to experience a significant reduction in joint pain while the work and rest compare it to the group of athletes who did not take a collagen supplement. Even in the case of normal adults, when they consume just 2 g of collagen supplement every single day, they spoke about a significant decrease in joint pain and they were able to participate in physical activity as well.

So we can conclude that taking collagen supplements reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen synthesis in our body. It also helps promote pain relief among those who suffer from osteoarthritis or other similar joint disorders.

  1. It Can Boost Muscle Mass

Most of us aren’t aware that the muscle tissue is composed of collagen. And this holds for nearly 1 to 10% of muscle tissues. This particular collagen protein is extremely important for the muscles to remain strong and function adequately. Studies say that consuming collagen supplements will help boost muscle mass in our body. This is a boon for those people who suffer from sarcopenia, which is a condition where muscle loss is severe as one age. A particular study was conducted with 27 frail men who consumed 15 g of collagen supplement and were made to participate in an exercise program every single day for 12 weeks. They were compared with men who exercise but did not consume collagen supplements. The results showed that those 27 frail men muscle mass increased rapidly when compared to those who did not take.

  1. It Can Promote Heart Health

Researchers have recorded that consuming collagen supplements will significantly reduce exposure to any heart-related conditions. Collagen is one protein that provides the basic structure to the arteries, which are nothing but blood vessels that help transport blood from our heart to the rest of our body. If there is any lack of collagen, arteries will tend to become fragile and weak. If this is left untended then it will lead to atherosclerosis which is a disease that is characterized by the narrowing nature of arteries and this disease has the potential to further lead to a stroke or even a heart attack. Therefore taking collagen supplements will improve the heart health of our body.

The Bottom Line

Consuming collagen supplements is connected with several health benefits and also with very few risks. To start with, supplements will help improve skin health but reduce dryness and wrinkles. It will also help improve muscle mass, increase bone strength, prevent any bone loss, and also relieve joint pain. Several foods give us collagen naturally, including them in the diet is very important. And it is safe to predict that collagen supplements can be quite easy to use and it is worth trying because of their potential benefits.

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