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It’s not easy to live with pain.  It limits mobility and you are unable to do a lot of work that  gives you pleasure. The worst part is that it becomes a constant companion dogging your  footsteps. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe drugs that will leave you drowsy. That can be  a thing of the past if you find an alternative method for dealing with the pain.   The condition is that the method should not have any potential side effects that are associated with painkillers.

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About Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is a pain relief drop. It is an organic analgesic that is very effective. The product contains ingredients  that provide relief from pain naturally. This analgesic can be used as a supplement for your back, wrist, head or any other body part where you have constant pain. It is safe to use and you can find pain relief without any side effects.

The product has been formulated by Kevin Richardson. The main component of this supplement is DSMO,  a nutrient that eradicates pained from the body and makes it pain free. DSMO has a molecular structure which can be absorbed by the skin to work on the  painful area and make it pain free.

Other ingredients are also used in this product.  These have undergone studies and have been proven to be very effective.  The product is so effective that the pain alleviation is noticeable. Your painful muscles and joints become pain-free and  you will observe that movement becomes comfortable. It grants mobility of joints and relaxes the muscles.

Who is Kevin Richardson?

Arctic Blast has been manufactured by Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd. The product has been created by Kevin Richardson, who is also known for his diet plans and natural remedies. Kevin realised that people did not have an effective and safe pain relief and set about researching ingredients. He came across DSMO, a potent ingredient that was popular int he 1960s but had been run out of the market by big drug companies. Since DSMO is a natural, powerful and inexpensive treatment for pain, the drug companies felt threatened by it and ensured that it did not remain in people’s memories for long. Finally, he teamed up with a physician and Arctic Blast came into existence.

Ingredients of Arctic Blast

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  • Dimethyl Sulfoxide –  An anti- inflammatory,  this ingredient is used to treat bladder inflammation.  It is a colourless ingredient in liquid form and goes by the name of DSMO.  When the compounds of DSMO are absorbed by the skin, you find the relief from pain.
  • Aloe Vera Gel –  This ingredient is a soothing and cool hub that not only soothes the skin but also improves the texture. It is known for its property to relieve pain from muscles and joints. Aloe vera gel is also used fro the treatment of infections and strengthening the immune system.
  • Arnica Montana – arnica montana is a popular ingredient used in alternative medicine for the treatment of pain. It has amazing advantages for your body. Arnica montana can be used to find relief from all kinds of pain, whether it is a headache, bleeding, heart attack, ulcers or even pain due to kidney damage.
  • Emu Oil – This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help provide relief from joint aches and even treat wounds.
  • Menthol Oil – This is an essential oil that provides pain relief in the back, neck, shoulders and legs.
  • Wintergreen oils – This is another oil that is used in the treatment of arthritis. It also provides relief from headaches.
  • Camphor Oil -This oil provides relief from muscle pains. If you have a sensitive skin, then this oil is for you since it protects the skin from irritation.

How Does Arctic Blast Work?

Arctic Blast has numerous ingredients but the key ingredient is DSMO. This is the acronym of Dimethyl Sulfoxide. DSMO has a fascinating story behind it. It appears to have been a health sensation in the 1960s. It became a media hero and professional athletes used it extensively. It was also inexpensive and a natural alternative to expensive medications. Therefore, it was seen as a threat by big pharma companies and vanished from the market.

This ingredient is back again and with a bang! It is not only back; it also has the FDA’s approval and can be purchased without prescription. DSMO is now the hero ingredient in ArcticBlast.

How Does DSMO Work?

DSMO is not a fad. It is the real deal. It has pain relieving properties that has been backed with research and studies. It has been approved by the FDA because it works and is safe to use.

DSMO is also an excellent carrier of nutrients. ArcticBlast has cooling healers which are carried by this key ingredient. The two cooling ingredients, Camphor and menthol are essential for treating the inflammation of joints and muscles and cooling them. They provide instant relief but only DSMO can deliver them to the painful locations.

A significant property of DSMO is its being able to be absorbed through the skin for instant relief from pain. The results are dramatic and the impact is much more than any sublingual or oral tablet.

Arctic Blast Reviews

Benefits of Arctic Blast

Given below are the benefits of Arctic Blast:-

  • Safe to Use – One of the biggest advantages or benefits of the supplement Arctic Blast is that it is a natural formulation and completely safe to use. The supplement contains only natural ingredients that have been tested for their quality and effectiveness. They are not just pure, they are also extremely potent. Since they are completely natural, there are no side effects like internal bleeding, stomach issues, kidney or liver damage or others.
  • Premium Ingredients – The ingredients used in Arctic Blast are premium. They have been tested for purity and potency. The product does not contain any fillers or chemicals that are either ineffective or dangerous chemicals. In addition, the product has been manufactured in a GMP compliant facility which complies with all cGMP standards.
  • Money Back Guarantee – The manufacturer offers a complete 365-money back guarantee. We have all heard of 60-day money back guarantee! But what is 365-day Money back guarantee? If you are dissatisfied with the results of ArcticBlast, you can return the product to the company within 365 days and get a complete refund. Did you realise that the guarantee is for a complete year?

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Safety of Arctic Blast

The product is to be used only externally. It is not for oral consumption. The product should also not be used in combination with other medications. It is also not to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Please ensure that the drops do not come into contact with your eyes when you are using ArcticBlast.

Why Should You Buy Arctic Blast?

There are 6 reasons why you should order Arctic Blast. These are given below:-

  1. You are getting the product at the lowest available cost right now.
  2. The product is ‘clinical strength dose’.
  3. Only patented and clinically tested ingredients are used.
  4. This is a one time offer.
  5. The product is available only on the official website of the manufacturer.
  6. The manufacturer is offering a 365-day money back guarantee.

Where Can You Buy Arctic Blast

The pain relief drops are available for purchase only on the official website of the manufacturer, which is Nutriomo Labs. The manufacturer recommends that you should not buy the product anywhere else if it is available since you can be cheated and given a a ineffective or dangerous product with different ingredients.  Also, show the money back guarantee is applicable only if the product is purchased from the official website of the manufacturer.

Price of Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is available at a discounted price of $59.95.

3 bottles are available at a price of $139.95.

When you buy 6 bottles, you pay on $199.95.

Shipping is free worldwide and the manufacturer offers a complete 365-day money back guarantee. In addition to this, you also get 3 ebooks for free.

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Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers 365 day money back guarantee on the product.  No other manufacturer of any supplement offers an year long money back guarantee.  The reason for this extended guarantee is because the manufacturer is sure that the product will work for you and you will not want to return it.  In fact,   you will go back for or more pain relief drop bottles.

What Do You Get on Ordering Arctic Blast?

Every bottle of the supplement contains 1 fluid ounce of the product.  You don’t have to use the product everyday. You need to use it only when you have a painful condition.  Therefore it can’t be said how long the bottle will last. There is no recommended dosage either. You just have to apply it with the dropper provided with the bottle.  Apply it topically e on the painful area and you will find immediate relief.

when you purchase ArcticBlast,  you get additional bonus in the form of ebooks.

  1. the anti inflammation diet
  2. feed your joints back to life
  3. Longevity secrets from the healthiest hundred year olds

These three are books prices ranging from $29 to $47.  The three books are available as a bonus when you order  Arctic Blast pain relief drops. You can download these books as soon as the manufacturer receives your payment for Arctic Blast.

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Side Effects of Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast is a completely natural formulation. It is an effective pain relief drop and since it is a natural formulation, there are not known or documented side effects. However, the manufacturer recommends that you should consult your doctor before you start using it.

Pros and Cons of Arctic Blast


  • The product provides relief from all kinds of pain.
  • Only natural ingredients have been used in the formulation of ArcticBlast and hence there are no known or documented side effects.
  • It provides relief from inflammatory bladder.
  • It is available at a very cost-effective price.
  • You do not have to use it regularly. Use it only when you have a painful condition.
  • You get a 365-day money back guarantee.


  • It is available only on the official website of the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

Arctic Blast Reviews

Mary ~ I came across the Arctic Blast when I was reading about DSMO. The reason why I was reading about DSMO was because of my husband’s neuropathy.   his hands are painful, usually during the night. I wear gloves to use ArcticBlast for my husband.  the drops have helped him greatly.

Mark ~ The knee in my right leg has been so painful that I have been unable to walk without help. I read about ArcticBlast and ordered it just out of curiosity. When I received the package I used it immediately. The pain the immediate but it return again in a few days. So do I had to continue using the drops for a while. I will definitely recommend it to those people who are having any kind of pain.

Stephanie ~ I have severe back ache and Arctic Blast helps heal the pain. I apply it wherever and whenever I have pain. I don’t use it regularly, only when I need to. I bought this bottle 7 months ago and I still have a considerable quantity left over. The quality of my life has greatly improved since I started using Arctic Blast.


Arctic Blast is a proven pain relief drop for which you do not need a prescription.  It is available over the counter. It contains DSMO which is is an effective and powerful pain relief ingredient.  It is so effective that it has been known to treat chronic Achilles tendon injury and hamstring injury. The best part is that the manufacturer offers 1 year guarantee.  If you are dissatisfied with the results of Arctic Blast you can return it any time during the year and you will get a complete refund. The pain vanishes within a minute on application of Arctic Blast pain relief drops.  You need to apply it only when there is paint. There is no regular dosage. The application is topical. Use it as and when you need it. The product is available in a bottle with a dropper. Apply it directly on the skin and gently rub it in so that the skin absorbs it.  The pain will vanish in a minute.

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