Apple Cider beneficial for health: How can we add it to our daily diet?

For years people have been using Apple cider vinegar as an ailment for infections and cough. You might have used it to aid you in losing weight or perhaps as a remedy for acid reflux. People also use apple cider vinegar gummies because raw apple cider vinegar has a sour taste and taking it in is sometimes hard. Many companies like Goli, Zhou, Gummies Garden, Nutracure, etc are making effective apple cider vinegar gummies that people love to use. But is this vinegar beneficial for health? Does it provide you with the treatment you intend to achieve from it?

To answer these simple questions, let’s first look at what apple cider vinegar is. Surprisingly, it is your all-time favorite apple juice fermented twice. All you have to do to prepare it is to squeeze the apple into a container. Then add yeast and sugar. You could also use any other carbohydrate instead of sugar if you want. As weeks go by, yeast and bacteria begin the process of double fermentation. Hence, you have your apple cider vinegar.

The easier way would be to buy it from stores. However, it is available in the pasteurized form. Raw apple cider vinegar is considered for health purposes as it has yeast and natural bacteria in excess amounts. You would notice cloudy sediment in the bottle. That is the bacteria, the core ingredient.

Apple Cider Vinegar

What is the Nutritional Value of Apple Cider Vinegar?

While checking the nutrients in apple cider vinegar you might be disheartened upon reading the label on the bottle. Low amounts of vitamins, calories, or minerals would make your eyes widen in shock. Don’t worry. The benefits it provides are in substances that are not included on the standard label. 

The secret to its value is acetic acid. It is formed during fermentation and gives apple cider vinegar its qualities.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Below are some health benefits of apple cider vinegar.

  • Studies have shown that taking apple cider vinegar after eating could assist in reducing your blood sugar. Hence people who have Type 2 diabetes can benefit from it. Yet this is not the only solution. Do not rely only on apple cider vinegar to treat you. A healthy diet along with adequate exercise and prescribed medication is necessary as well.
  • It is also the perfect remedy to calm acid reflux which could be pretty unpleasant. However, science does not prove this claim. Consult a gastroenterologist if you face the problem of acid reflux.
  • If you are trying to lose weight, then apple cider vinegar may help you. It might be just the boost you need to lose those extra pounds.
  • Furthermore, apple cider vinegar is quite famous for its antibacterial properties. Bacteria that cause infections are destroyed by it. In the olden days, people used it for cleaning purposes like a disinfectant.
  • Many of us complain of bad breath in the morning. Whatever we try, it simply wouldn’t go away. It can get embarrassing sometimes. Yet apple cider vinegar is your solution. It helps you with your oral hygiene and kills off those nasty bacteria.
  • Facing digestive problems? Can’t sleep at night due to disturbed bowel movements? Well, once again, apple cider vinegar is the answer. It helps in relieving digestive problems. Hence, you could have an excellent start to your day, free from pain.
  • Good sleep is a necessity. Without it, you lose focus and get irritable. If you consume apple cider vinegar before sleeping, then it would assist you in getting a peaceful night’s sleep.

How to Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar in your Diet?

You could splash it on salad or marinades. Even your favorite stews or sauces could do with an added flavor.

There are a variety of ways you could consume apple cider vinegar. Adding it in lemon or honey is one of them. You could also mix one teaspoon in warm water. It is advisable to consume water at night to keep it simple. Drink this instead of plain water at night time, and you would see positive results on some days.

Few people utilize it in preserving food in jars or as pickles. It prevents food from getting spoiled.

In addition to this, you could also get gummies or pills containing apple cider vinegar. Yet, do not consume it without a prior prescription from a doctor and follow the dosage prescribed by him.

What are the side effects?

As with all products, it has a few side effects too. These include:

  1. Its high acidity is responsible for destroying tooth enamel. Sadly, you may never get it back after losing it once.
  2. Your esophagus is also not safe if you drink it directly. Direct contact might damage it.

 That is all. One good thing is that these can be prevented. , use the universal solvent, water, to gulp it down. To a glass of warm water, add about one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

However, refrain from using it if you have hypokalemia or use insulin. Ask your doctor first if you use any medicines. Moreover, if it makes you sick or nauseating, immediately cease utilizing it.


To sum up, apple cider vinegar is safe for you as long as you do not overdose on it. Only consume it in trace amounts, and it would solve your problems, as mentioned earlier. It can be dangerous if consumed excessively or for long periods. Moreover, if you face any health problems, consult your doctor first. If he agrees, then enjoy it with your cup of tea. 

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