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apex booty review


Have you ever thought about having a booty, which is more than what you have right now since all the celebrities and famous athletes seem to have a bigger booty than most? Some come naturally by working hard at the gym and fixing their body shape by doing as many squats needed in a day, and some come artificially, which is plastic surgery. This millennia plastic surgery seems to be much of an easier route and seen as much more beautiful due to their customization, but it is not all rainbows and sunshine after the surgery. The operation comes with a lot of uncertainties and expense, which are hard to just make for everyone that wants a bigger booty. Testimonials of people who have tried plastic surgery but have failed are many, and the number seems to be increasing day by day. One great example is the Brazilian model who injected plastic and a lot of other surgeries done on the booty that it exploded and almost killed her. On one of her interviews, she mentioned that plastic surgery is not the way, and if possible, she encourages ‘young women’ to work harder and accept who they are because they are all beautiful.

So what another alternative is there to get the booty size that you have always wanted, one such alternative is the Apex Booty cream which serves the purpose of enlarging the area of the booty. The butt enhancement is the talk of the ladies and a hyped up item in the beauty community.

What is Apex Booty?

Apex Booty is a butt enhancement cream which is claimed by the website to work in as little as two weeks. They want to have a big booty, and a beautifully shaped body is experienced by many women at one point during their lives. Having a great body shape will give confidence and the ability to look good in almost any clothing. Girls, unlike boys, are really into their butt size and shape because having such big booty will attract more boys and potentially become popular among girls too. Celebrities and role models of women play a big role in this. Nowadays keeping up with the Kardashians happens in real life. Kardashians like Kim and Kylie have the perfect booty shape according to men and women alike, and other celebrities like Taylor Swift, who works naturally for it are not seen as ‘perfect.’ But this is just an opinion.

Due to the want of having a bigger booty size, many young women are hitting the gym and following diets which sometimes do more harm than good to their body. Young women below 17 years of age should consider the idea that their body is still growing and hitting the gym too early may stunt their body growth. But what they can surely do is use Apex Booty to enhance their butt without having to risk anything.

How does the enhancement work?

The biggest question that pops up when reading about this would probably whether it truly works or not and if yes then how effective will it be. The product is made of natural ingredients and is free of all side effects which can occur. One of the main benefits is the increase in the size of the booty, and also customers have also reported of a healthier and wrinkle-free butt. The company is based on Idaho and is made by Apex Vitality. The company claims that Apex Booty Pop can stimulate the growth cells and muscles in the butt. The company does not disclose the complete list of natural ingredients but the customers who have bought it are told that it contains the following four ingredients:

  • Green Tea – We all know by now how important green tea is to the health of our body. Adding this to the butt enhancer will slow down aging and also the muscles will be healthier with it. The green leaves serve no purpose than the health benefits it is so popular for.
  • Vitamin E – Booty Pop uses an advanced formula that blends vitamins, herbs, and root extracts to strengthen your core muscles in the butt and give it a firm shape. Vitamin E is one such antioxidant which helps to replenish collagen levels in the butt area. This vitamin results in stronger, healthier, firmer, and greater quality of the skin.
  • Soy Protein – This helps the butt area maintain muscle mass, which helps to maintain the butt firm and strong. What use would it be if the booty is only big and there is no muscle to hold it together, soy protein does just that?
  • Macadamia Seed Oil – This seed oil is beneficial in various ways. It can help to stimulate the pituitary glands and increase the hormonal levels, which can help in the growth of the booty.

Benefits of Apex Booty

apex booty reviews

We can see from the ingredients mentioned above that Apex Booty comes with a lot of benefits to health and butt alike. Without a blend of healthy natural ingredients, it is hard to make out such a product. There are a lot of customer reviews which are posted on the web, and these are the known benefits which had been seen as regular to every one of them. The known benefits are as follows:

  1. Bigger butt – This is obviously why one is searching for this product. The dream of having a big butt may come true sooner than you expected. The expensive plastic surgeries and hours and hours of working hard at the gym are no more needed with the emergence of this butt-enhancement cream. Your dream of having an A+ butt is right around the corner, and it comes in the form of a cream.
  2. Firmer Butt – The butt even if it increases in size, will not look good and beautiful if there was no way of holding it together. Butts like boobs also need a handle or muscle to keep them firm and not shake whenever you move. The apex cream provides tightening of the skin and increase in the muscle mass, which holds them all together. The reason why most of those plastic surgery goers are not satisfied is that their butts are not firm and they are loose. With apex cream, firm butt is always there.
  3. Reduces aging and stretch marks – A problem faced by many who hit the gym to get a bigger butt is that their stretch marks are shown all over the place. Even if the booty is big if it is not clear and firm, it cannot be used to show off since everyone will know you worked your butt off in the gym for it. With Apex Cream, the ingredients used reduce the process of aging and wrinkles and stretch marks are reduced in as few as two weeks.
  4. Fast Changes – Apex Booty uses an advanced formula which blends natural ingredients to work as fast as possible. The website of Apex Booty claims that the cream works wonders and results are seen in as little as two weeks. Reviews of customers have accompanied this fast result, but many of them also claim a 1-week result as well.
  5. Fuller Bottom – You would have already seen it one point in your life a booty which is not full. These thin-lined booties are not beautiful and are very bad for body shape. With Apex Booty, the bottom is fuller and firmer, and you can easily rock your jeans like those or even better than the role models that you have.

Potential Side Effects of Apex Booty

A lot of people after knowing whether the product works or not comes to the question of whether it has side effects or not, which it does not seem to have. Many products on the internet have a lot of side effects which wastes a lot of time and money for the customers. Apex Booty comes with all natural ingredients, and these ingredients are mixed with the advanced formula which is made in such a way that there would be no potential side effects to all kinds of customers.

Also, since it is not a consume-able and is needed to be applied only, there would be no problems and if allergies are there do check up the list of ingredients.

Price with Refund Policy, Money Back Guarantee

The cream is available for purchase from the official website or other retail stores online such as Amazon, GNC, etc. A bottle of the cream costs $54, two bottles plus one at $105 and three bottles plus two at $145. Right now, the website is offering a trial bottle for every customer. You can get a bottle worth $54 for free, but you have to pay the shipping fee of $6.98.

The shipping fee aside it is a huge save, and if it does not work, there is also a money back guarantee within 14 days. To request a return, you will need to make a formal request on their line.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews from verified purchasers say more than we ever could. Here are some of the top reviews from verified purchases:

  • Nadia Parkin 5 stars: “I don’t know how the results would be if I didn’t work out with it, but I love it so far, I’m married so I can’t post pics. I do cycling, and my butt is lifted and firmer. I had a square mommy butt before. I bought this in secret, and my husband says to me like four days later “your butt is getting bigger” so I’m like “no it isn’t” he goes “I’m the one looking at it from behind every day I would know.” I then told him about it, and it was the best 28$ spent. I don’t think my butt got bigger I think it just lifted and the loose skin got tighten and the muscle inside or fat in there firmed up plus the cycling helped as well because he added that he could tell because I have an arch now.”
  • Phenomenal Woman 4 stars: “Getting results from any product require consistency and patience with that said at first I thought I had made a bad purchase, but I saw a change in the projection in my booty, and I got more jiggle.. I’m going to continue using this product and see how much satisfaction I can get.”
  • Boo Boo 4 stars: “didn’t order from Amazon yet, I’m about to buy for me now. It works, I ordered my 1 one on Instagram it was free, I used twice every day and used RUBBER GLOVES so that it won’t Absorb into my hands. Used it for three weeks, my cousin said girl you got something lifting the ya ass! I said bihhhh wahhhh no I don’t! I told her I was using this, but she didn’t believe me! So I’m going to buy another one and do squats to give it the toning look I want!! Good luck, ladies.”

Apex Booty Before and After Pictures

apex booty before after

apex booty before and after

Apex booty before after pic

Conclusion- The Final Verdict

Based on the customer reviews, the product seems to be working wonders for some, and some there are problems with the smell, and many unsatisfied customers are also noticed. Like in one of the reviews, some of them only apply the cream and does nothing to work with it. Doing some squats while applying the body may work wonders for some. Just relying on the cream may not be a great thing. Satisfied customers have left positive reviews on the web, and they are happy that it works just as it had been said.

The Apex Booty cream may work for some and may not work for some. Even if it does not work, there is a money back guarantee, and also the website is offering a trial bottle which is a steal deal. Try it out and have a bootylicious body. Buy your pack from the official website today.

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