Anti-Aging Tips That Every Women Should Follow After The Age Of 30

As the age increases, human skin started losing its youthfulness, the glow in the skin is reduced, and the beautiful skin is replaced with fine lines and wrinkles. As the age increases, the responsibility of individuals also increases due to which one starts ignoring their skin, which leads to dull skin, aged skin with dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and many other skin problems. It is essential for women in their 30’s to taken care of their skin by pampering it and rejuvenating the skin.

Anti Aging

Nine anti-aging tips that every Women should follow after the age of 30

  1. Moisturizing skin on a fixed interval of time

Dry and dull skin leads to wrinkles, and fine lines early comparatively and thus lead to aged and wrinkle full skin. Moisturizing skin on and fixed intervals of time makes the skin glow and smooth. And thus, moisturizing skin helps to prevent anti-aging. Apply moisturizer on a daily after bathing, and every time the skin comes in contact with water to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Also, various natural substances like milk, cream, aloe vera gel helps to moisturize the skin along with natural health care. If Women have dry skin, then applying moisturizers helps to keep skin glowing and young for a very long age. 

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  1. Consume natural food, avoid processed food and drink at least eight glass of water daily

Eating processed food, dairy-based product, gluten, alcohol, and yeast product in colossal amounts also affects the skin and ages of the skin before time. Eating fresh food like fresh vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, and seeds also leads to glowing and wrinkle-free skin. As per cosmetologists, drinking eight glasses of water in a day also keeps the skin fresh and bright and thus maintains the overall flexibility of skin, avoiding loosened skin. Taking vitamin-E and collagen full food makes the skin rejuvenate skin and makes it look healthy. Also, the food which contains omega-3 like fish, walnuts, and seeds will be beneficial for the skin (1).

  1. Avoid going out in harmful UV rays

Exposure of harmful UV rays and harsh sunlight also leads to premature aging. The UV rays increase the pores of the skin, darkens the skin, and make skin hyper-pigmented. Furthermore, pollution is increasing day by day, and pollution makes skin pigmented and affects the pores of the skin. Applying sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 saves the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution particles as well and thus makes the skin healthy and young for long age and thus prevents aging. Avoid going out, especially in the sun, and try to stay in a pollution-free environment (2).

  1. Gently cleanse the skin whenever coming back home from outside

The dirt, oil, and pollution affect the skin by damaging the new and active skin cells and making it look older and aged. To reduce these impurities, cleanse the skin gently at least twice a day of whenever coming back home from somewhere out. Also, don’t wear makeup for an extended period because that also harms skin cells and make you look older.

The skincare products one used in there ’20s should be replaced by some gentler products when entering into their 30s because the skin in the 30s is more sensitive than it is in the 20s and thus needs extra care with the use of gentle products.

Thus, use the products that will help you to retain the natural oil inside the skin cells and thus help make your skin tight and healthy like lifting and firming cream, which is a very light formula to take care of your skin. Also, prefer the products which contain very less chemical contents and are solely made up of natural products because products with chemicals harm your skin and thus ultimately make skin looks older.

If the skin retains its natural oil, then it will glow and thus look brighter and fresh. While cleansing face tries using oils like coconut oil and then apply any chemical product on the body.

  1. Take good beauty sleep daily

To avoid dark circles, try to take at least 8 hours of beauty sleep. Stress and lack of sleep also affect the skin and let it aged faster. Lack of sleep also causes dark eye circles as well.

Taking proper sleep is a fundamental factor in making the skin lighter and rejuvenating. A night of good sleep also replenishes the skin by rebooting it and thus makes you and your skin feel fresh. Good sleep is useful for day to day activities as well. So, try to remove enough time for a good rest because sleep activates the overall mood of an individual.

  1. Take facial and massage daily

Once crossed 30, the skin cells started blocking the natural oil of skin inside them, and thus to open the pores and replenish the natural skin oil, facial massages are considered the right solution.

While massaging the dirt and pollution blocking the skin get removed, which makes the natural balance of oil in the skin also, opening pores also maintains the natural glowing skin. Also, the facial massage helps to get relived with the blackheads, dark circles, and even wrinkle because it tightens the skin and take care of overall skin health care with a proper various step process.

  1. Exercising daily

Exercising daily for just only 10-15 minutes is essential for skincare. Everyone is busy nowadays, and using only 10 mins will help to take care of the skin as well as health. After the age of 30, skin becomes sagging, and that sagging can be prevented only by exercising daily. And using daily will keep your skin as well as your body healthy. Exercising also helps to remove the sweat and thus activates sweat cells as well.

  1. Tea and warm water also help to rejuvenate the skin

Drinking warm water daily in the morning also helps maintain the balance of collagen in the skin, which naturally preserves the freshness or skin. Warn water consumption daily in the morning also helps to lose fat and makes skin glow by taking the care of moisture in the cells, and thus, the skin becomes radiating and beautiful even after the 30s.

In the 30s, the skin starts to lose its moisture, becoming tight and pale. The natural oil inside the body is trapped due to which the glow on the face reduces. Tea not only freshens up the mood but also makes skin radiate. Thus consumption of tea and warm water is also worthy.

  1. Using natural products

Various natural products are also effectively helping in rejuvenating skin. The product contains honey, banana pack, papaya pack, aloe vera gel, turmeric, rice water, rose water, lemon water, and various other products. Applying these products not only makes skin glow naturally but also keeps skin away from the harmful chemicals containing cosmetics.

Rosewater also helps to get rid of undesirable pimples very quickly. Also, natural products provide glowing skin and thus rejuvenate skin. The natural products must be preferred over harmful chemicals because there is no side effect associated with natural products as well.

Also, in this busy world, these natural products are real-time saver because it takes only 10-20 mins to apply these products and thus can be used daily.


The tips are not limited only to the list mentioned above. However, these are most common and easy to execute in daily schedules, in which women can take care of their skin in their 30s. In the 30s, the skin cells start to lose the freshness, and thus to rejuvenate them again, extra skincare is necessary; otherwise, the skin will look aged and will lose its glow and beauty.

As mentioned earlier, In the busy schedule of the 21st century, it is essential to take care of skin because the pollution level is also increasing, which also affects the skin directly. Using natural products and taking care of drinking water can help in maintaining the skin, and it doesn’t take much time and hence is preferable.

But there are various products available in the market which are gentle on the skin and are made to keep skincare up to date. Hence, use all the above tips to maintain skincare, especially for women, although men should take care of their skin as well equally to remain healthy.

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