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To have sex is the primary function of humans. It is necessary for survival and also for pleasure. Sex has completely changed the whole human race. It is a very simple matter but yet a very complex one. Sex is an important pillar in relationships. It creates a special bonding between two humans who like each other. So, the better the sex, the more fluid and smooth the relationship will be. The importance of sex is immense.

But, in these times, there are a lot of issues coming up regarding this. There are a lot of blocks for the common person to be satisfied with their sex life. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this issue. It can be age-related, it can be work-related or it can be things related to day to day life, health, chronic medical conditions or just food. The most important part of sex is performance. If the performance is not up to the mark, the partner is left dissatisfied and unhappy. This leads to a lot of issues in the relationship.

As a solution to all the above issues, a company has come out with an amazing solution. It has manufactured a product called AndroDNA Testo Boost. This product is entirely for males. Due to many factors like pollution bad eating habits etc, males have issues like erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues. The performance in bed comes down. This is a very problematic situation as there is no satisfaction for both partners. AndroDNA Testo Boost is a direct solution for all these issues.

It gives the male body the power to engage in intense sexual episodes. This is a huge achievement for the company. Changing the sex life of a human redirects a lot of other aspects. Below there will be an in-depth analysis as to how AndroDNA Testo Boost changes male physiology.

AndroDNA Testo Boost

About AndroDNA Testo Boost

AndroDNA Testo Boost is a product that helps the male perform better in bed. It is a product that is engineered to benefit the human male body so that, it can enjoy sex more. This product increases the testosterone levels in the male body by stimulating its production. Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for the sexual drive. If there is less sexual drive, then behind it is due to the lack of proper production of testosterone.

Testo Boost is such a product that is designed to bring back youth to any aged person. It is designed to make sex life even more interesting and add more spice to it. It taps into micro human physiology to change and bring change from inside the body.

In sex, there are three things that are very important. The most important factors are satisfaction size and stamina. Having all three factors together is very unlikely. AndroDNA Testo Boost enhances male vitality. It treats the main cause of problems like erectile dysfunction and physiological issues. How much to boost does this will be discussed further on.


AndroDNA Testo Boost is all about quality. The company has provided the best quality components to make the product. One of the most amazing qualities of AndroDNA Testo Boost is that contents that are used to create this product it is completely organic and natural. The ingredients are given down below:

  • Gingko Biloba Extract – The Ginkgo Biloba extract is an aphrodisiac. It increases the production of testosterone in the human body. The components in the extract cause the production of testosterone to increase in the Leydig cells found in the male body. The Leydig cells are found in the testes. They are responsible for the production of testosterone.
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract – The Horny Goat Weed Extract plays an important role in making the penis harder. It works hand in hand with the other components in the product. This combination causes a high amount of blood flow into the penis. This high amount of blood flow into the chambers results in a very hard penis. And obviously, a hard penis results in better sex.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry – The Saw Palmetto Berry is another very important ingredient in the mix. It ensures a stable flow of blood into the blood chambers around the penis. It helps relax the muscles around the penis. By relaxing the muscle, the timing is increased. This means more satisfaction for both partners.
  • Asian Red Ginger Extracts – The components in the Asian Red Ginger Extracts have amazing qualities. It improves the mood and creates a relaxed sensation. This helps in increasing the potency and performance alike. It is very important not to be stressed while having sex. This component concentrates on just that one aspect, thereby helping a good flow of further events.
  • Muira Puama Extract – The Muira Puama Extract is a very special ingredient. It is addressed as the Viagra of the Amazon region. It is known to help heal sexual energy so that there is more performance. It also increases the strength and stamina which are very important in the process of enjoying sex.
  • L-Arginine – This is a component that it makes one of the most important compounds to have a better erection. It enhances the production of nitric oxide. This nitric oxide is the main reason behind the circulation of blood to the penis. It is because of this component called nitric oxide that the penis has better erections. The better the erection, the better the experience.
  • Bioperine – It is a compound that is found in black pepper. This compound is responsible for providing the mail body with an incredible amount of boost to the sexual organs and functions. It also plays a huge role in the absorption of materials in the supplement. This rate of absorption gives the body a very quick supply of the compounds in the supplement. This results in the enhancement of sexual functions.

AndroDNA Testo Boost

How does AndroDNA Testo Boost work?

The working of the AndroDNA Testo Boost is very simple to explain. There are different components that come together in the product called AndroDNA Testo Boost. It has different components that deal in the strength, duration, and quality of erections. The compounds in the supplement increase the blood flow to the penis. This increases the hardness and strength of the penis. The other components in the supplement help up in the maintaining of the duration of the erection.

The ingredients contained in the supplement stimulates production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the key element that helps boost blood circulation to the penis. There are other aphrodisiacs in the supplement that increase the arousal and sexual drive. When there is an increase in sexual drive, the body starts reacting in a different way. So, another component helps in relaxing so that the duration lasts much longer. AndroDNA Testo Boost is such a product that is the perfect combination to increase male vitality and vigor.

It helps the male body enjoy sex just as it did when it was in its 20’s. It provides the body with energy and reduces stress and increases relaxation.

How to use AndroDNA Testo Boost?

The method to use AndroDNA Testo Boost is very easy. All that needs to be done gifts to take a pill one day one at a time. This will start to change things in the male body immediately. The standard consumption rate is 1 pill per day. But in different cases, there will be a lot of variation. There are different body types that need different amounts of compounds so that they can perform better. So, it is very important that the supplement should be only had after a proper check-up with the physician. It is recommended to do this because there are chances where the body is different and has different needs.


The dosage of this compound is to be decided by professionals. Due to the change in body physiology, different bodies have different demands. So, to check this, there needs to be an in-depth analysis of what the body lacks. There has to be a checkup to see what the issue is. So, to check the issues, a visit to the doctor is a must.

Is it safe to use AndroDNA Testo Boost?

Yes, it is completely safe to use AndroDNA Testo Boost. This product is made out of the best ingredients. On top of all of that, the components that are used to create this product are very exotic. It causes the human body to change at a rapid pace by giving it stimulus from the inside. All the components that are used to make this product 100% natural and are very good in quality. The company believes that every batch that goes out should be the best. This shows how much confidence the organization has on its product. The company recommends a visit to the doctors before the use of this product.

Is the product addictive?

No, the product is not addictive. The producer of this product encourages of visit to the doctor before the start of use of it. The product is of high quality. So, if the is an overdose, the result would be a long and hard erection with a lot of irritation. So, it is not recommended to have as per wish.

Benefits of AndroDNA Testo Boost

The benefits of AndroDNA Testo Boost are:-

  • Increased sex drive – The consumption of this product leads to a heightened sex drive. This due to the components present in it. The components in the product increase the production of testosterone in the human body. This testosterone increases the sex drive of the body. It replenishes the system with energy and vigor.
  • Harder erections – The components in the product stimulate the flow of blood to the male genitalia. This results in an increase in the hardness of the penis. The harder the penis, the more the pleasure both partners get out of engaging in the sexual act. So, it gives a better experience of having sex.
  • Confidence – The increased sex drive and having a relaxed hard penis changes the mind. There is a new sense of confidence that comes over the body.
  • Size – The size of the penis increases. The components in the supplement cause better blood flow to the blood holding chambers in the penis. This results in a hard and firm penis. Since there is an increased flow of blood, the penis enlarges.
  • Timing – When the supplement is consumed, there is an increase in the timing of erections. The component in the product ensures that the penis stays the same and doesn’t ejaculate early. It ensures the same by relaxing the muscles are that control the penile reflexes. So, there is more time to enjoy more sex.

Side effects

There are no side effects for this product. All ingredients that are used to make this product are natural. They have been imported from exotic locations all over the world. The only issue that will arise is from having too much. To avoid this, the company recommends visiting a doctor. This is recommended in such a way so that, there is a perfect amount to be consumed. This address can only be provided by a medical expert.

Purchase and Price

The product can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer. The company offers packages and discounts as given below: –

  • 1 Month’s Supply – 59,99€ per box
  • 2 Months’ supply – 34,99€ per box

When you order this package, you get the supply for the third month free of cost.

  • 3 Months’ supply – 24,99€ per box

With this package, you get free supply of the supplement for additional 3 months.

Shipping is free with all packages.

order AndroDNA Testo Boost

Refund and Cancellation Policy

All the parts that are purchased from the main website will have a 30-day cash-back offer. The institution of the policy must be done by requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). This will be provided once the customer service team is contacted. This RMA should be mentioned on top of the package while sending it back to the warehouse. Once it reaches the warehouse, the refund will be processed after deducting the shipping charges. This process takes up to 3-5 business days.


Is AndroDNA Testo Boost good for health?
Yes, AndroDNA Testo Boost is good for health. It is made of natural components that are organic in nature. This helps in the maintenance of quality.

Is there a refund?
Yes, the company provides a 30-day refund. For more information about the refund, please do visit the original website.


  • The components in the supplement are organic and natural.
  • It gives better erections which are harder.
  • It gives more timing.
  • It doesn’t harm the body at all.
  • It satisfies both the partners by providing a longer penis.
  • It gives greater confidence to conquer the bed.


Customer Testimonials

Bouden ~ This product has changed my life. I become so stressed after work that I cannot perform well in bed. It got me more depressed. That is when a colleague of mine introduced me to AndroDNA Testo Boost. Now, me and my wife enjoy making love so much. It makes us feel that we have gone back to our twenties.

Peter ~ I was tested with erectile dysfunction. It got me really worried and worked up. Not being able to sexually satisfy my wife was a huge blow to my ego. It is accidentally that I came across the supplement. Now, things are different. I can maintain a strong and hard erection for a very long time. I do not have issues with my timing either.


AndroDNA Testo Boost is an amazing product. It helps the male to get harder erections without causing any harm to the body. This product doesn’t use any chemicals or unwanted substances to increase the effect. It is 100% organic and natural. It gives a very good experience.

The product contains L-arginine that increases the blood flow to the penis. When there is an increase in blood flow, erections become harder and sustainable.

The use of Horny Goat Weed Extract helps in relaxing the blood chambers in the penis, which causes them to fill with blood, resulting in hard erections. There erections also last for a longer time.

AndroDNA Testo Boost is an excellent male enhancement supplement. The ingredients used are not just natural and safe to be used. They are also extremely effective. In addition, the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee, which you can avail if you are not happy with the results. Give AndroDNA Testo Boost a try and watch your sex life blossom.

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