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Whether 18 or 80, every one of us experience foot pain at any point in our life. People who have to spend long hours standing at a stretch often experience this pain more. Even athletes doing regular workouts suffer from foot pain. Foot pain is a common feature for senior citizens and their regular day to day activities are hampered due to this. Happy feet ensure a happy feeling which in turns energises for happy living.


About AccuFeet

AccuFeet is product designed to take care of your lovely feet. It acts on the pressure to make feet and legs pain-free. It relaxes your mind and you feel fresh, even after standing for long hours at a stretch. It is quite natural for anybody to feel pain in their feet after standing for a while, but manufacturers at AccuFeet believe that this should not stop you to from moving ahead in your life and achieve your goals. AccuFeet insoles is prepared by using advanced technology, based on ancient Chinese Reflexology and ensure your body is strain-free and you feel active again. 

Technology Used in Accufeet

Age old benefits of the ancient Chinese Reflexology has been used in AccuFeet insoles to stimulate specific body areas. The pressure points in the feet are activated and the body parts corresponding to these pressure points are rejuvenated by AccuFeet. The insoles are so designed so as to activate 185 pressure points on out feet. There are eight magnets which are strategically placed at key reflex accupoints which heals with the help of 400 gauss of magnetic waves.

What Do You Get When You Order Accufeet?

  • AccuFeet is a basically an insole, quite a simple product, actually. AccuFeet is available in pairs as you would suppose for a product, which is specially designed to fit inside your left and right shoe. You can decide the number of pairs you want to order. The product only has one size and is supposed to fit in all shoe sizes, ranging from 6-12, so you could need to trim the insoles so that it fits your shoes.
  • Normally, most people require more than one pair of product. This is because the shape of a sports shoe differs from the shape of a heel or from a loafer, but once the insole is trimmed, it may not fit inside every one of your owned pair of shoes.

How Is Accufeet Different from Other Acupressure Slippers?

  • AccuFeet works on ancient, time tested and effective Chinese Reflexology technology.
  • It provides relief quite instantly, if you are suffering from leg pain or feet pain.
  • It provides instant relief for people suffering from chronic neck and upper back pain
  • AccuFeet is very easy to use.
  • AccuFeet is portable and you can wear it to anywhere you go. 

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How to Use AccuFeet?

When you order a pair of AccuFeet, you get two insoles, one for your left shoe and one for your right shoe. It is available in one size only and is designed to perfectly fit into the pair of shoes you own. Since it is available in only one size, you have to trim the insoles according to the size of your shoes.

Is Accufeet Safe for My Feet?

AccuFeet is designed especially for your straining feet and legs, using ancient Chinese Reflexology to give you relief from paining feet, so that you can seize the day. Hence, AccuFeet becomes totally safe for your feet as it is non-invasive and it will feel as if your feet are getting a massage as you walk. It is also only sold on manufacturer’s website to preserve the originality of the product. 

Benefits of Accufeet

  • AccuFeet insoles can be used with any comfortable shoe including sports shoes.
  • AccuFeet can also fit inside other shoes you own like heels and loafer.
  • You will as if you are getting a foot massage as you walk.
  • AccuFeet can be easily removed from the shoes.
  • It can be washed with water and ordinary soap water.
  • It is not just a cushion inside the shoes but also provides relaxation and relief from pain.

Purchase & Price of Accufeet

  • Ordering AccuFeet right now puts you in a very beneficial position as a buyer. As you purchase more pairs, the discount you get keep increasing.
  • The manufacturers are offering 50 percent discount on one pair of AccuFeet insole. One pair is available at $39.95.
  • You get a 67 percent discount on your purchase, if you decide to buy two pairs of insoles, with each pair available at $29.95.
  • You get a massive 70 percent discount, if you buy three pairs, with each pair available at $27.95.
  • A whopping 75 percent discount is offered, when you buy four pairs, with each pair priced at $24.95.
  • If you decide to purchase the most popular deal of five pairs of AccuFeet insoles, you get 79 percent discount and get each pair at $19.95.

There is minimal shipping charge that is charged, which varies as your purchase increases. You also get a whopping 30-day money back guarantee on the product, if you are unsatisfied with the product. AccuFeet can only be ordered from the manufacturer’s official website to preserve originality of the product.

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Does AccuFeet really work?
AccuFeet is created from ancient Chinese Refloxology formula only to relieve you from your leg and feet pain. It is rated ‘5 stars’ by 92 percent by customers who used it. If it worked for most, it will for you. 

How early can I expect results on using AccuFeet?
You can expect results instantly as you start using AccuFeet insoles. It feels as if you are getting a massage on the move, with AccuFeet. Results may vary from person to person.

Do I consult a doctor before using it?
You need not consult a doctor before using AccuFeet, but if you are receiving medical help regarding diseases like Arthritis or you feel the need to consult a physician, you are most welcome to do so.

Is it necessary to take painkillers alongside AccuFeet?
No, there is no requirement to take painkillers alongside AccuFeet. AccuFeet is here to relieve you from your pain! 

Are there any side effects?
There are no reported side effects of using AccuFeet by the customers who used it. Customers seem quite satisfied with the product, which shows in 92 percent ‘5 star’ rating given by them.

Is it safe for children?
AccuFeet is completely safe for anyone who has a shoe size, ranging from 6 to 12.

Where can I buy AccuFeet?
The manufacturers of AccuFeet strive to provide the best product to its customers and this is why AccuFeet is only available on the official website of the manufacturer, so that the originality of the product is maintained and you are served with the best and genuine product.

Are there any delivery charges on the product?
The company does charge delivery or shipping charges on AccuFeet, which is very minimum. The shipping charges vary as your purchase varies.

Does the company have any refund policy?
Yes, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the product, which means if you are unsatisfied with the product and it did not work for you, just tell this to the company and get your 100 percent refund.

Is my transaction made on the company’s website safe?
The transaction made by the customer on the company’s website is completely safe.

Where can I get to know the detailed terms and conditions of the company?
You can read about the company’s terms and conditions on the official website of the manufacturer or you may call the customer care for further queries.

Pros of Using Accufeet

  • AccuFeet helps Lessen fatigue that you acquire all day.
  • It helps in relieving muscular and joint pains.
  • It will also lessen inflammations in feet and legs.
  • AccuFeet circulates more blood in your body.
  • AccuFeet is very comfortable, you will feel like getting a foot massage when you walk.
  • AccuFeet is available in one size that is supposed to fit inside all shoe sizes from size 6 to size 12.

Cons of Using Accufeet

AccuFeet is presently only available on the manufacturer’s official website to preserve the authenticity of the product.

Customer Testimonials

I work in one of the well-known bridal boutique in the city. Showing bridal gowns to customers and helping them try out the dresses to their satisfaction forms a part of my job. Hence, I have to stand hours at a stretch at the store. It was 2 months back that I started suffering from tremendous foot pain. I could not do my job as I did earlier. A friend suggested that I use AccuFeet. I tried them and I was amazed at the results. In just a month, I was relieved of the pain. Casey, 44, Manhattan, New York.

After my wife crossed 50, she started suffering from foot pain and whole body pain. So much so that she couldn’t do regular housework properly. My neighbour recommended AccuFeet. I was not sure if these are ready to use. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has one size which fits all. It could be fitted in few seconds and provided fast relief to my wife’s foot pain. Doug,51, Toronto.

AccuFeet has to be one of my best buys. I am in the FBI and started suffering from foot pain a year back. My job cannot have men who are unfit and I got insecure. My boss then, who I have developed a good relation over the years suggested AccuFeet to me. I am so grateful to him and the manufacturers, it feels like I am getting a foot massage as I walk. Caleb, 46, Florida.

I do not really believe I am writing review for another company, but I always give credit where it is due. AccuFeet is a messiah in my life. I run a closet company and I love to run. I run 7 miles every day on an average. This changed half a year ago when I started foot pain. My secretary at work, Andy, suggested me to use AccuFeet. I was relieved of the pain in just two months! Brenda,47, Los Angeles.

I had just started working as Construction manager at a very renowned company. This job required supervising all the workers at the construction site and of course, you cannot do that while sitting. I had to walk and climb stairs all day long, which led to my legs aching at the end of the day. It had been a while now that I was suffering from this and told my wife about this. She searched the internet and found this gem of a product, AccuFeet. So easy on wallet and it so worked for me. I no longer feel any pain in feet. Thanks to AccuFeet! Daniel, 29, Texas.


One opinion that prevailed among the customers who gave their testimonies to us was how satisfied they were with AccuFeet. They said it was their best buy in a while to treat their feet and leg pain. This also reflects on the manufacturer’s website, where 92 percent of the customers have given ‘5 star’ rating to AccuFeet. It is available in only one size and fits inside all shoes sizes, ranging from size 6 to 12. AccuFeet gives you results instantly by circulating more blood in your legs. It activates pressure points in the feet and the body parts corresponding to these pressure points are rejuvenated by AccuFeet. You will feel as if you are getting foot massage as you walk.

The manufacturers have set a very reasonable price for AccuFeet and right now, they are offering heavy discounts on the product. The manufacturers are so confident of producing results with each and every one of their customers that they offer 30-day money back guarantee on the product, in case it did not work for you. Hence, the time is just right to buy the product and relieve yourself from the pain in your feet. It is now time to achieve our goals and not get restricted by leg pain. Hurry up and get AccuFeet now for availing the discounts!

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