8 Home Remedies for Snoring That Really Work 

Everyone in the house wishes to fall asleep before you, for the simple reason that you snore louder. Your roommate hardly sleeps due to the irritating noise that you make. Even the person in the next room can hear you snoring. Snoring louder might be caused by various issues. Health issues might cause you to snore louder. However, even those who are healthy may snore louder if they are sleeping. You must find out what makes you snore louder and get remedies to relieve yourself. Below are the cheap home remedies for snoring


What makes you snore louder?

Snoring louder when you are sleeping can be caused by various issues. Your nose and throat might be having tissues that vibrate when you are breathing there, making you snore louder. Congested nasal passage and throat can block the smooth flow of air, thereby making you snore louder.

You might be having a health issue or being affected by other issues. Health issues that can make you snore louder while you are enjoying your rest might include asthma, sinus issues, obesity, coughing, chest issues, respiratory issues, and more.

Sleeping in an uncomfortable position may make you snore louder.  Drinking alcohol is also a red flag that can make you snow louder while you are sleeping. Some of these problems can be dealt with and give you a peaceful night that is not annoying your roommates.

Home remedies for snoring that work efficiently

Various remedies can help stop you from snoring louder. They are cheaper and easy to follow. Below are the remedies that you can try.

Sleep well

Your sleeping position matters. It might be the one contribution to your snoring issues. You should avoid sleeping positions that block your airways. Blocking your airways can make you snore louder.

Avoid sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your back blocks your airways. This position can result in your tongue moving backward to block your throat. When your throat is blocked, it makes the air moves difficult through your threat, hence the loud noise when you are breathing.

The best position is sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your side frees your airways. It can reduce your irritating snoring. You can also elevate your head when you are sleeping. Use your pillow to probe your head a bit higher to avoid snoring louder. You can elevate your head of the bed, helps to free your airways.


  • Free your airways
  • Refreshes your body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion are some of the home remedies that are effective in toning down the snoring effects. These herbs can reduce phlegm. Phlegm can block your throat and the nasal passage from breathing correctly. Smelling fresh onion can unblock your nasal passage that is congested by phlegm due to flu.  These foods can also bring relief to those who are suffering from sleep apnea disease. Garlic and onion can be useful in reducing swelling of tonsils.

Garlic and onion make a great addition to food. You may chew garlic or onion before going to bed to reduce snoring louder. You can cut the onion and put it by the headboard so that you can smell it while you are sleeping. The circulation of onion or garlic smell can unblock your congested nasal passage when you are sleeping.


  • Reduces phlegm
  • Can heal swollen tonsils
  • Unblocks congested nasal passage

Honey and ginger

Honey and ginger are also useful in reducing snoring. The mixture of the two is a remedy of various diseases such as cough, cold and more. Honey and ginger tea can soothe your throat. You can take the tea anytime of the day or before going to bed. Ginger is a herb that has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. It also increases saliva secretion, reduces snoring effects.


  • Soothes the throat
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Cures cough and cold
  • Result in weight loss

Take care of your weight

Weight gain is one of the reasons that make people snore louder when they are sleeping. Obese people and those that have extra kilos have a challenge of breathing due to their body weight. The body gains more flesh and tissues. Fat also strains your body. Your airways are narrow as you gain weight, and this can make you breathe difficultly. Even when you are awake, you might be breathing louder due to suppressed airways. When you are sleeping, it becomes worse, resulting in irritating snoring. Losing weight can be helpful.

You can exercise and eat healthy to shed off some kilos.  At least have a schedule for exercising that you follow without fail. That can make you lose some weight. You should also avoid taking more calories, eat more vegetables and fruits to keep your body at check.  As you limit your calories, also make sure that you are having the right portions of food. Do not binge on food and avoid skipping meals.

Stay conscious about your weight gain and what you can make you healthy. Losing weight is the right step in having peaceful nights. Your airways free, and you will breathe normally when you are sleeping.


  • Weight lose
  • lowers obesity and diabetes risks

Extra virgin oil

Extra virgin oil is useful in reducing snoring. The oil smoothens the dry throat and also flexes the throat muscles from blocking the airways. Just a sip of extra virgin oil a few minutes before getting into bed can make you sleep quietly without breathing difficulties that may result in loud snoring.


  • Soothes the throat walls
  • Prevents the throat muscles from blocking the airways

Eat a banana, orange, and pineapple

Banana, orange, and pineapple are fruits with high melatonin content. Melatonin is a hormone that makes people feel sleepy. Improving the quality of your sleep can reduce snoring. A human being must sleep for seven to eight hours per day. Taking food with a high content of melatonin can make you sleep better without disturbances. The snoring issues reduce by having a good quality of sleep.


  • Increase the amount of melatonin
  • Makes feel sleepy
  • Improves quality of sleep

Avoid alcohol

Taking alcohol before going to bed can make you snore louder. You should avoid any type of alcohol before going to bed. At least make sure that you do not take alcohol two hours before going to bed. Sedatives can also result in snoring. You should avoid taking sedatives before going to sleep. Smoking is also dangerous; it can make you snore louder. You should find alternatives that can help you stop smoking. Drugs can affect your lungs, liver, and heart. You might end up having cardiovascular issues, which can further make breathing more difficult.


  • Makes you breathe healthily
  • Lowers toxins

Soy milk 

Soy milk comes from vegetables. It is healthy to consume, especially by children. The soy milk does not increase phlegm. Phlegm can block your air path, making it difficult to breathe when you are sleeping, hence snoring—substituting your dairy products with soy milk to reduce snoring. Proteins from cow milk can cause allergic reactions, which may congest the nasal passage. When the nasal passage is congested, you may have difficulties when breathing, and it increases snoring. Taking soy milk can help lower the build-up of phlegm that can be problematic.


  • Lowers phlegm build-up
  • It is healthy
  • Does not have dairy proteins


Peppermint is useful in clearing up the blocked nasal passage. You can use make peppermint tea and drink it before going to bed to relieve your congested nasal passage. You can rub your nose with peppermint oil before going to bed to clear the nasal passage.


  • Unblocks congested nasal passage
  • Clears airways
  • Alcohol-free
  • Anti-bacterial

Take away

Snoring is a result of various issues. Knowing what causes you to snore louder helps to get effective remedies. You may ask advice from your doctor before taking any home remedies if you have a health condition. However, most of the home remedies are safe when used unadulterated.

Instances such as snoring caused by a lifestyle are controllable. For example, manage obesity by exercising and lowering the intake of high calories. The type of food that we eat can also result in having snoring issues. Avoiding alcohol before going to bed can make a change. Avoiding food that can promote the production of phlegm can make you sleep peacefully without disturbing others.

Sleeping positions can also make you breathe difficultly. Sleep on your side and avoid sleeping on your back. Make sure that your head remains elevated. If you are not comfortable with the above remedies, you can anti-snoring device called Silent Snore. These remedies shard above are cheap and effective in eliminating the snoring problem in your life.

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