10 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself In The Year 2020

The year 2020 is being an awful year for the whole world. The rise and eclipsing of COVID-19 have paralyzed everyone. This year has shown many unknown facts to the people of the world. One can call the year 2020 the most sacrificing year till now. Almost every person had to do what he had not even thought he would do in life, the panic, the frustration, and the depression, and whatnot.

The 2020 year has taught human beings that the first need of life is survival. How and where does not matter at all. If a job is lost, if money is not sufficient, it still does not matter. We can get a job or earn money later when we survive. Such was the havoc the COVID-19 has generated among the people. Many people went into depression; many could not hold on to the absolute blunder, much committed suicide.

Kinder To Yourself In The Year 2020

We all live our part of life, and there will be positives as well as negatives. We cannot change what is destined, but we can make sure that our life remains simple and not much complicated. One can follow some simple methods to gain self-control and wish ourselves a smooth and happy life. In this pandemic period, most people are down and depressed because of lost jobs, salary cuts, perks not allotted, and not appropriately grown crops due to workforce shortage. There are many concerns for everyone, but life cannot be sacrificed because of this reason. We must learn to get rid of this situation and make as much as possible, knowing that a similar situation may arise anytime in the future.  

10 Ways in which you can Kinder yourself in the year 2020

Some ways enable you to have a kinder and nurture yourself even in this crucial pandemic period. 2020 has brought a lot of bad news and experiences for us, but in this negativity too, we can try and find something positive for us for sure.

Below are ten such ways in which you can Kinder yourself in the year 2020 and tells yourself that you are special irrespective of all the negativity around you-

  1. Appreciate yourself for small-time: –

Let your day start with falling in love with yourself. Tell yourself that you are a unique person in the world and cannot be compared to anyone. How can you do it? Well, write good things to you on paper, a smartphone, or a laptop. It can be a tiny thing even from your daily routine work or related to your achievement so far. In both cases, you need to appreciate that you have done an excellent job.

  1. Refresh yourself: –

If you feel stressed out, engage yourself in a long bath, or read something to divert your mind. You can also keep yourself busy with the activity you love to do. Usually, the best way is to take out 30 minutes and be more kind to your body. Another way to refresh is to do some creative thing like painting or drawing. One can also think about spending the day together with loved ones.

  1. Spend time with yourself: –

Every day by a schedule, let yourself a time or space, and it is of your own. Create your small space, and do not allow anyone to interrupt in that time. It can be even just 2 minutes also. If you love music or song, try enjoying it. Let your mind be out of any other malicious or positive thoughts. Just be yourself for some time every day.

  1. Answer the critics within and outside: –

Your inner critic will never say a good thing about you. You will always criticize your performance because we all are never satisfied with the things around us. If we are famous, we thrive for more fame; if we are rich, we desire to have more money, and so on. When your inner, as well as outer critic, stop you, ask yourself a question. What could have been the exception for this? You may come up with the real reason this is happening to you and then improvise.

  1. You are your best friend: –

Instead of blaming yourself for some horrible incident, be a good friend of yours. Think about how your best friend would have approached that incident and guide yourself. Talk to yourself like he would have and do things which he would have told you. Remember, you are your best friend as well as a significant enemy too.

  1. Do something positive to overcome a bad day: –

If you had a bad day overall, you must do one positive thing to overcome that effect. You must be optimistic and develop new energy in you. There are many ways how you can do this. It also depends on what interests you the most.

  • You can have a chat with your best friend
  • You can browse the internet to search for your favorite places, songs, etc.
  • You can plan a dinner outside
  • You can try a hand at some new hobby.

Anything you do, make sure that the shadow of a lousy day must be off-shoulder.

  1. Be kind towards others: –

If you want to gain respect or feel people be kind to you, you must learn to be kind to other people. Being kind need not be a big thing; even a minimal gesture will work for you to get the desired result.

  • Let some needy outsider stand in front of you in the queue.
  • Give your sit in public transport to some lady or old person
  • Motivate someone if he is depressed
  • Encourage your child to take up new assignments in school.

Likewise, there are many ways you can be kinder to others and hence to yourself.

  1. Make a laugh at self at least once a day: –

At least once a day, you must be at ease and learn to laugh a lot. Scientifically too, a smile is a kind of treatment if you are down or nervous. Irrespective of incidences in the day, make yourself comfortable and watch a short or long funny video clip or watch a comedy movie, drama anything of your choice. If fond of reading, you can choose a comic book to read in the middle of the day. The idea behind this is if things have not happened your way in the morning, you can get out of it and make the remaining day more pleasant for yourself, easing your tensions and makes you ready for the remaining day.

  1. It’s never too late: –

One must take care of himself concerning mental and physical health. Keeping yourself going with time is a better option to adopt as it would not let you get stuck in the thoughts of something which has gone wrong. Do not keep yourself engage in repeatedly thinking about what and how it happened. Learn from the past and improve better for tomorrow. Sticking to your past incidents will ruin your future. Decide about your career goal and plan for the relevant activities. The implementation also must be done step by step. You can plan each day what you are going to accomplish.

  1. Understand why it is better to be kind to yourself: –

The most significant advantage of being kinder to yourself is preparing for the day as it comes. When your mind is calm and optimistic about feeling, you develop the strength to face whatever it takes. You will be able to keep yourself motivated and encouraged to achieve your goals. In adverse conditions, you will not lose your cool and can go through a hard time successfully.

The above ten ways will surely make you feel wanted and unique and realize your worth and importance. It will also help you see others as remarkable and kinder them just the way you did to yourself. With these easy ways, there will be no boundary for your happiness and enjoyment for sure.


There is no time as a hard time or a good time; it just a phase in human life. A man gets only that much pain which he can bear. You will not get more than that. Humans differ from other species, which makes us unique to any other living creature, and hence it stands alone. Humanity has remarkable achievements in history, and it will continue to be in the future also. We all will go through sound and bad periods, but the storms can be overcome with success if one trains self-sufficiently.

Being humble with kindness to self is a vital step to build up your character. You will be known for your kindness with others because that is the measurable act. Your kindness to self is not measurable; it can only be felt. You cannot lie to yourself like to others.

You should not entertain or tolerate what you don’t like. Never encourage you to do the things you are not comfortable with because this will give you nothing but stress and guilt or helplessness.

Helplessness is the worst feeling globally, and no one in the world should have to go through this feeling in their life. Everyone should feel equally important and useful and should invest their time in the things that make them happy and increase their productivity to a great extent for sure. Your creativity is your superpower, and you should never underestimate it and use it to step-up towards success with each passing day.

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