Wright State University.

Class offered to record veteran stories

Leah Kelley, News Editor

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Veterans Voices Oral History is a newly offered class at Wright State intended to gather the stories of veterans in the community. Students in the course will interview and record veteran’s experiences and store them in the WSU community digital archive.

According to course information, WWII veterans are dying at a rate of about 600 a day. Instructors believe that veterans will be more comfortable sharing their stories and experiences with other veterans, although non-veterans may also enroll in the course.

Student Government Associate of Veterans’ Affairs Anthony Hinojosa believes the course is a remarkable opportunity.
“The more people involved means the more veterans we can interview, which only means more families satisfied and new Oral History Data that can be utilized for research,” Hinojosa said.

The course instructor is WSU graduate Bridget Federspel who has been working in this particular field for over a decade. According to course information, she has worked with high school students gathering veteran’s stories and uploading them to the Veterans History Project with the Library of Congress.

“She is extremely capable of teaching this course and a remarkable individual who I look forward to learning from,” Hinojosa said. “Students here at Wright State can make an impact in a families life by ensuring that stories from their family members are being passed down for future generations.”

The three-credit class will be offered Thursday nights from 6:10-8:50 p.m.

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Wright State University.
Class offered to record veteran stories