Wright State University.

Go to Ale Feast to enjoy food and beer from the Dayton area

Kristina Thomas, Features Writer

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Joe Waizmann started a beer sampling expo 15 years ago called Ale Fest. Five years ago, he took it a step farther and started Ale Feast which includes craft beer and fine food sampling. There will be 17 food stations, including local establishments and three culinary institute chefs. Waizmann is expecting 800 people at this event. Ale Feast will be held on March 2 from 4-7 p.m. at the Dayton Masonic Temple.

“This is the ultimate food and beer event in the area,” Waizmann said. “ I had a minor testimony of someone telling me how outstanding the event was. They said it felt like 100 dollar experience for 50 bucks.”

According to Waizmann the Ale Feast has continued to grow in a positive way by the caliber of food and beer, the number of people who have participated and customer response. Waizmann has been a home brewer and a beer judge. He started this as a hobby, preparing beer dinners. With family and friends support, he turned this into his career. He has staff and volunteers working hard to make this event possible.

t“I am fortunate to have family and friends’ support and work,” Waizmann said. “They’ve worked very diligently on this as well to make the events look good. My favorite part of this whole thing is seeing people’s reactions when it’s over. People enjoy it and ask, ‘Wow did you try that food with that beer?’; it’s rewarding.”

Ale Feast has a wide variety of food and beer such as vegetarian, chicken, pork, beef, Thai food, salads, desserts and chocolate. He makes sure that his selections don’t overlap and offer something for everyone.

“We have four or five people organizing this besides me and about 50 volunteers beer pouring and/or setting up. We’ve faced challenges but always found a solution,” Waizmann said. “Even on the day of the events something may require swift decisions. Overall, it’s fun seeing it come together before or behind the scenes.”

tSome of the food establishments include: Dorothy Lane Market, Thai 9, Jay’s Seafood, Ritter’s Frozen Custard at Kettering and the Pub at the Greene. This event will include a variety of beers and brewers as well; some are 21st Amendment, Avery, Brooklyn and Left Hand.

For more information contact Joe Waizmann at [email protected]

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Wright State University.
Go to Ale Feast to enjoy food and beer from the Dayton area