Wright State University.

Colleges Against Cancer educates students on cancer awareness

Adrian Williams, Contributing Writer

Joining with the American Cancer Society (ACS), Colleges Against Cancer is a group at Wright State who promotes Cancer awareness and fighting the disease. This group is in charge of events such as Relay for life and their seasonal kick-off events with the American Cancer Society. It is a national collaboration committed to help students fighting cancer, to raise money for ACS and raising awareness about fighting cancer.

“We’re looking to recruit,” sophomore Lisa Earnest, president of the Colleges Against Cancer, said.

This organization would like students to join their group in efforts to help fight cancer. They work throughout the year promoting ACS and educating students about cancer. Staff can join this group as well. To become a member, students can show up to a meeting on every other Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Student Union.

To get more info about Colleges Against Cancer, please email Lisa Earnest [email protected]

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