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Handmade gifts for the holidays: teacup candles


Chelsea Hall, Editor In Chief

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My first out of three homemade holiday crafts  will be candles in teacups and glass containers.

For this holiday craft you will need:

  • tea cups and/or containers
  • pretabbed wicks
  • candle wax of your choice
  • scissors
  • tape






1. Heat up the wax and pour a couple drops on the bottom of your container or teacup and place the candle wick into the center of the jar. This will keep the candle wick sticking to the bottom.

2. Place tape over your container around the wick to keep it from falling to the side.

3. Melt enough wax to fill up your container and fill to the desired height.  Save enough wax for a second covering.

4. Let the wax harden. You will notice a sink hole around the wick. Melt the left over wax and pour enough to cover the hole and to touch the edge of the container. Make sure the candle has completely cooled before this step or you will have a second sink hole.

5. One fully hardened, cut off the excess wick.

6. Finished! Wasn’t that easy!?

How to make this a cheap process:

Go thrifting! Find old teacups & cheap wax to melt down. The teacups I purchased were $.60 a piece and the colored votive candles I used as dye for coloring my neutral wax were $.20 a piece. Buy large pieces of old wax that you see on the shelves. I found a large round candle for $1.99 and then used the rest of my left over wax from candles that I had burned around the house. Compare this to spending about $8-10 for 5 pounds of wax at a craft store and it’s a steal!

The container below only cost me $.50!!







Here are some pictures I took throughout the process..

A picture of my supplies.







My counter top after my candle making session.







Fall themed candles I whipped up for a family member.







A cute kitten mug I found in the back of my cabinet, upcycled into a candle for a dear friend.


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Wright State University.
Handmade gifts for the holidays: teacup candles