Wright State University.

Project Runway brings the seven deadly sins to life for its third year

Kristina Thomas, Feature Writer

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Project Runway is an event where three to five people form a team and make an outfit in a certain amount of time, and the best part is there are no rules. Sounds easy, but the team must incorporate the items given to them into the outfit and out shine the other contestants for the ultimate prize. This event will be held on Nov. 29 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Atrium. The University Activities Board (UAB) will host it and there will be models from VIVA Models.

“We started this process two months ago,” Shanna Hare, Series and Traditions Chair of the UAB, said. “We’ve had this event going on for three years now and the turn out has been pretty good, most seats have been filled. I think the best part of this whole thing has been imagining what supplies to make for the contestants to use.”

According to Hare, this year the theme is the “seven deadly sins.” Hare has composed buckets filled with supplies that relate to that “sin.”

Teams have already been created, but the UAB is allowing people to sign up right before the competition starts. Once the teams sign up, they will have a chance to race to supplies hidden in the bucket labeled with the sin it relates to.

Contestants will then have a chance to watch VIVA Models walk the runway and decide which model they’d like to use. They will be given two hours to make an out


UAB is considering getting performers during this time.

“Project Runway allows students to be creative,” Hare said. “It is fun to see what people come up with, and it’s a good time for everybody else.”

“Project Runway started with Emily Sexton,” Hare said. “During that time we were trying to get general members involved in UAB, and Project Runway was a great idea to do so. One of the most challenging things this year was finding the supplies and deciding a good theme for the competition.”
The judges for this event will be students Dexter Howard who is a member of UAB, Joey Gibbons who is president of Student Government and Haley Gray who is a also a member of UAB. The prizes for this event will include $25 gift cards.

“This event is important because it’s now a tradition at Wright State,” Hare said. “It’s fun and it’s a good way for students to get involved.”

For more information about this event contact Shanna Hare at hare.10@wright.edu.

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Wright State University.
Project Runway brings the seven deadly sins to life for its third year