Wright State University.

Student finds evidence of paranormal activity in Dayton area

Brandon Semler, News Writer

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Although Halloween’s cadaverous costumes and stylistic spooks have recessed until 2013, alleged “paranormal activity” has been reported in many locations near Wright State’s campus. Listed below are just a few.

Yellow Springs, OH

Yellow Springs is a small town with a population of about 3,500, located approximately 15 minutes away from Wright State’s campus. It is home to areas of scenic forestry such as John Bryan State Park and Glen Helen, as well as a tavern that dates back to 1844.

“Yellow Springs in itself is one giant ball of haunted-ness,” Wright State graduate student and paranormal investigation enthusiast Zachary Moore said.  “I’ve heard tons of stories from people who have witnessed things there.”

Moore himself said that during an investigation downtown around 11 p.m., he and some friends saw a person’s full silhouette for a few seconds, until it vanished. He said the silhouette had an unusual color tone, one that was not common on a human.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB)

The Sci-Fi network’s series “Ghost Hunters” had an episode dedicated to investigating the notorious WPAFB, and Trifter.com deemed it one of the 10 most haunted places in Ohio. The base includes the Air Force Museum, which houses the airplane that carried John F. Kennedy’s body after his assassination.

“It has a lot of bad energy, a lot of bad experiences tied with the actual planes,” Moore said. “Personally, I’ve had some interesting experiences there, and I’ve caught evidence there.”

The evidence came in the form of an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), in which the sounds of a turret gun were audible, as well as the sounds of running jet engines.

White Hall 

Though the School of Medicine’s headquarters is not known for housing the paranormal, some strange things have been reported during paranormal investigations, according to Moore.

“I’ve heard stories from people that have done investigations there that they have found ‘orbs’ in their photographs,” Moore said.

An orb is an unexpected circular artifact that can appear in photographs. Many believe that orbs house a human soul or spirit.

Moore also said that he saw a “mist figure” rush from his side, into a wall.

“It had a weird trajectory and a weird movement to it,” Moore said. “It was free flowing and had a mind of its own.”

Moore’s advice to potential investigators was that they should not jump to “haunted” conclusions while investigating, and they should rule out all other options before considering the paranormal.

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Wright State University.
Student finds evidence of paranormal activity in Dayton area