Wright State University.

ZTA bring awareness to breast cancer

Kristina Thomas, Feature Writer

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Zeta Tau Alpha began an association with Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 1992 when it became the first national sponsor of the Race for the Cure’s National Series Breast Cancer survivor Recognition Program.

According to their website www.zetaualpha.org, ZTA has provided the signature pink T-shirts and caps for participants to wear during the race. ZTA will soon begin its sixth year of partnership with Yoplait and its Save Lids to Save Lives program. The Zetas of Wright State have also been participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Zeta President Megan Jacobs said that her experience in Zeta has been great.

“It brought me out of my shell,” Jacobs said. “We are all very close to each other. We are very involved in breast cancer awareness month because we all know somebody with cancer. Even though Zetas at nationals chose breast cancer as our philanthropy, we still heavily focus on it because there are so many people suffering with it.”

According to Jacobs, every day last week the Zetas did something on campus to get students involved. They’ve been on the Quad having a bake sale as well as passing out pink ribbons to show dedication to breast cancer awareness. They also had fundraisers called Kiss-A-Cancer, Memory Board (participants can write a message to a loved one who lost their fight with cancer or is still battling it), Pie-Ta-Pie, yogurt eating contest and many other activities off campus as well.

“This year it is hard coming up with new ideas because a lot of ideas overlay with other organizations who are doing something for breast cancer,” Jacobs said. “We didn’t want to take away from anybody else. But the Zetas are determined to make this week successful. I feel that Zetas organizing different things on campus this week is also a way to really reach out to WSU students. Before I became a Zeta, I knew about breast cancer, but now I’ve learned so much more. Zetas are educating students, and also showing them that Greek orgs. aren’t the stereotypical sororities shown in movies. We’re trying to improve our community.”

This year the Zetas raised more than $1500. They raised $700 dollars at the soccer game earlier last week and also a lot of money through t-shirts (Think Pink).

“We are striving to donate more money each year than the year before,” Jacobs said. “We are aiming to become better, add more things to our fundraisers and meet our goals. We’d like to thank all the WSU community for their support.”

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Wright State University.
ZTA bring awareness to breast cancer