Wright State University.

Fear the Wolf and win prizes

Brandon Semler, News Writer

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The Wright State University Bookstore released a school spirit shirt for students here on campus. However, this is no ordinary shirt; it can earn you free prizes.

The “Fear the Wolf Fridays” effort launched in August, and offers exclusive benefits for students who wear the green “Fear the Wolf” T-shirt on Fridays. The shirt is available exclusively at the Wright State Bookstore and costs $9.99. Every Friday offers a different promotion with discounts and prizes.

According to Textbook Manager Michael Gessner, students will make their money back very quickly.

“Right now, you’re getting two free discounts or promotions every Friday, so that’s a heck of a deal,” Gessner said. “It’s real close on campus, so [students should] stop by and take advantage of things we’re giving away.”

Though the new promotion is just getting started, many students have already benefited from the shirt.

“We had buy one get one free on clearance one Friday, another Friday we gave away a ten dollar gift card for the first 20 people that wore their shirt in,” Store Manager Jennifer Gebhart said.

Dinning Services is also involved, and they offer their own prizes and benefits for wearing the shirt. Gebhart hopes this will be the tip of the iceberg.

“For this to be successful, and for it to truly tie into the school spirit, it needs to be bought in by everybody,” said Gebhart. “Athletics is in, Student Affairs is in. I think that’s where it’s going to continue to build.”

Student Activities, Student Government and Residence Services could also have potential involvement. The Bookstore will also implement student contests, creating the potential for more prizes.

For more information on “Fear the Wolf Fridays,” go to www.facebook.com/wsuosa.

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Wright State University.
Fear the Wolf and win prizes