2013-2014 The Guardian Staff

Brandon Semler


Email Address: semler.4@wright.edu

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Jared Holloway

Business Manager

E-mail Address: holloway.50@wright.edu

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Hannah Hendrix

Features Editor

E-mail Address: hendrix.16@wright.edu

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Leah Kelley

News Editor

E-mail Address: kelley.90@wright.edu

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Andrew Smith

Sports Editor

E-mail Address: smith.1026@wright.edu

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Michael Tyler

Chief Photographer

E-mail Address: tylerii.2@wright.edu

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Brittany Robinson


E-mail Address: robinson.253@wright.edu

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Fattimah Abdusshakur

Layout Manager

E-mail Address: abdusshakur.2@wright.edu

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Eli Chizever

Business Marketing and Promotions

Email Address: chizever.2@wright.edu  

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Kegan Sickels


Email Address: sickels.3@wright.edu

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Aaron Schwieterman

Web Editor

Email Address: schwieterman.55@wright.edu

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Jonathan Waters

Ad/Graphics Manager

E-mail Address: waters.16@wright.edu

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Joe Craven

Advertising Consultant

Email: craven.7@wright.edu

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Zach Woodward

Advertising Consultant

E-mail Address: woodward.37@wright.edu

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David McNeely

Advertising Consultant

E-mail Address: mcneely.9@wright.edu

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Adam Ramsey

Features Writer

E-mail Address: ramsey.55@wright.edu

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Benjamin Virnston

News Writer

E-mail Address: virnston.2@wright.edu

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Justin Boggs

Sports Writer

E-mail Address: boggs.59@wright.edu

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Joel Gibbs

Distribution Manager

Email address: gibbs.52@wright.edu

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