Wright State University.

Jason Doyle’s pathway to 25-year career as WSU PA announcer

Justin Kinner, Contributing Writer

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Jason Doyle has been the PA (public address) voice for Wright State women’s basketball for three years now. What started out as a passion to a 15-year-old boy has now resulted in Doyle becoming one of the most recognizable voices in the area.

It all started his eighth grade year when he was the manager for his basketball team. Doyle was cut from the team and still wanted to be apart of the program and be around his friends. It was this opportunity that opened his eyes towards his passion for calling sports games.

“Well it was my eighth grade year and we were in tournament. We played the first morning game and sat around to watch the second game. Well while all the players and coaches were watching the players, I had my eyes on this PA announcer. I remember thinking, ‘Wow this guy is good at what he does,’” Doyle said.

Jason Doyle alerting the crowd at the Nutter Center of promotional announcements during a women’s basketball game.

After approaching the PA announcer following the game to let him know how talented that he thought he was, Doyle was then offered an opportunity to announce the starting line up for his team that evening and it was an offer that he could not pass up.

“While debating about whether I should do it or not, I said absolutely I’ll take a chance and I fell in love with it right there. I knew right there in eighth grade that this is what I was going to do at some level,” Doyle said.

The athletic director at his high school was so impressed with Doyle’s ability on the microphone, that he offered him the PA job when Doyle was 15 years old.

“The athletic director took a chance on a fifteen year old kid and I was doing all kinds of sports and getting paid,” Doyle said. “So it was a really cool deal and I loved it and I have loved it ever since.”

Doyle has been the voice of women’s basketball for three years but has also announced for volleyball, men and women’s soccer, and a few men’s basketball games.

Doyle has been announcing for over 25 years and said he attributes his success to his high school athletic director.

“He took a chance on a 15-year-old kid,” said Doyle. “But I had a blast and I really appreciate him taking a chance on me because it has allowed me to do college basketball and division I sports. It is awesome and there is no better place than the Nutter Center in terms of a basketball facility so yeah I enjoy it.”

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Wright State University.
Jason Doyle’s pathway to 25-year career as WSU PA announcer