Wright State University.

Project underway to make Wright State bike-friendly by 2020

Sarah Cavender, News Writer

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Ohio is home to hundreds of bike routes and some routes traveling outside of the state. Wright State is located between two largely known trails; the Creekside Trail and one that spans from New York to North Dakota known as the Wright Brother’s –Huffman Prairie Bikeway.

These paths are close to the university, but renovations to the bike paths or creation of accessibility for bikes on campus have not taken place.

Director of Student Union and Campus Recreation, Eric Corbitt, hopes to change that. There are currently ideas toward creating a project to install bike racks, bring in rental bikes and create better access to trails, as well as education for people on the importance of biking and safety.

In the fall of last year, Student Government issued a survey to students to gauge the interest they had in biking, and had an overwhelming response from over 1300 people.

With the creation of the Wright Way Bridge, Corbitt plans to create a more bike-friendly path to the university. There is currently a mapped out path but additions of signs and markers are being added.

The addition of a bike program would mean there is availability for students to access bikes. It not only is a very healthy form of transportation, but it is also good for the environment and cuts down on the parking problems students and faculty face.

The university will be hosting the next bicycling summit in early May.

Corbitt stated, “What we would like to do eventually in the next year or two, is to have a plan to make Wright State a bike friendly campus by 2020.”

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Wright State University.
Project underway to make Wright State bike-friendly by 2020