Wright State University.

The Graduate Series: Best avenues to take in looking for jobs

Hannah Hendrix, Contributing Writer

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Perhaps the most diverse resource available is Wright State’s Career Services. “We offer the same services for students and alumni,” Associate Director of Career Services, Charlene Walker said. “One of our major tools is WrightSearch, where students and alumni can view job postings, post their resumes and schedule on-campus interviews.”

WrightSearch requires applicants to post their resume every 30 days. “That way, employers know that the people on the site are really looking for jobs,” Walker said. “It shows they’re not just left in the system after graduation.”
Walker also encouraged alumni to make an appointment with the Career Services advisor associated with their college.
These appointments can include creation and/or critique of a resume, a review of job search strategies and  mock interviews. They’ll also teach how to target a resume when applying for a position within a specific area of a career field. (For more information or to register for an event, visit wright.edu/career-services.)
Career Services also has a ‘Get Connected with Career Services’ page on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn provides another resource for finding jobs. The website allows networking with past colleagues and potential employers, consulting with others in the field and viewing job postings. However, online networking isn’t always the best way to find a job. Career fairs and open houses are great places to look as well.
Knowing someone in the field can also help. Even without an internship, it’s possible to get into a field of employment. Just knowing the right person, like a professor or family friend, can lead to an interview that may not have been available otherwise.
Outside of WSU, there are also search engines that list internships, co-ops and jobs. These can typically be narrowed down by the type of job and location, and they sometimes involve uploading a resume.
Some of these sites are Monster.com and Indeed.com. Simply doing a Google search can bring up search engines among other sites with job postings.
If there’s a specific company in mind, going to that company’s website can also lead to job postings and contact information.
If these options don’t yield results, walking into businesses asking about open positions and checking newspaper job listings are also options.

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Wright State University.
The Graduate Series: Best avenues to take in looking for jobs