Wright State University.

Clarification on ‘Sex offenders living in the dorms’

Kelsey Anne Smith, Contributing Writer

According to Dan Bertsos, Director of Residence Services, there are NO sexual offenders living in the dormitories.  While the website provided in the past article about sexual offenders in Greene County makes is appear as though some sexual offenders are living on campus, all students must provide information about any felonies or misdemeanors when filling out the Admissions and Housing Applications.  After a review from Campus Police, students are assessed on whether they will be admitted and/or allowed to live on campus.

As stated by Bertsos, “WSU on campus housing is clearly as safe, if not safer, than any other options available to students because of the efforts of the Wright State University Police and the staff in Residence Services.”

Again, as clarification, although there are sexual offenders living the area, there are NO sexual offenders living in the dormitories.

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