Wright State University.

A bridge to cross Interstate 675 currently being planned

Josh Combs, Contributing Writer

A pedestrian bridge will cross Interstate 675 near campus if plans discussed by student government are successful.

According to Wright State Commuter Senator Kyle Powell, the bridge will connect the Holiday Inn and Sam’s Club, providing students a safer and more convenient way of crossing the interstate. The bridge will also have separate sections for walkers and bikers to help prevent congestion. Construction of the bridge is due to start at the end of 2013, as details of the design are still being decided. As of now, there is no projected finish date for the construction.

Wright State has received funding from multiple sources for the bridge, which will cost roughly $2.7 million to build. The Springfield News Sun reports that the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission gave a $2.5 million grant for the construction, with another $460,000 coming from city funding, $70,000 from Wright State University, and $20,000 from Clark State University. This cost will have no effect on tuition or any other fees for students.

Kyle Powell said that the bridge will help students access the mall, which will provide shopping opportunities between classes. Powell also said that the bridge will open up opportunities for students to get exercise by walking and biking instead of using their vehicles to travel.


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