Wright State University.

Actress comes to campus to push for voter registration

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“I care about our community, I care about our rights, and that is political.” Tracee Ellis Ross, an actress and volunteer with the Democratic party,  said to a group of students at Wright State University.

October 9, is the last day to register to vote but today the Democratic Party rolled up to Wright State University with a celebrity speaker to make one last push to get students to register to vote and, when they do, to vote for President Obama.

Tracee Ellis Ross is an actress, most famous for her role on Girlfriends, which aired on UPN and CW from 2000-2008. However, there was no acting involved as she spoke to students at Wright State University about the importance of voting and the importance of keeping President Obama in office.

“As you know President Obama has made education a priority pouring money into Pell Grants. Whereas Mitt Romney told an Ohio student who asked about education to look around and borrow money,” Ross said to listeners, mostly University students who know how expensive a college education can be.

Ross also is in agreement with Obama’s stance on civil rights and women’s rights in particular.

“President Obama was raised by a powerful woman, married a powerful woman, and is raising two powerful women. He really gets women’s rights.” Ross said that Obama supports women through his healthcare plan and also in policies that promote equal pay for women.

Students reacted positively to Ross and her message.

“It was already a motivation to see her and having her talk about Obama and registration was great,” said Brittney Primes, a sophomore at Wright State University.

With October 9, the last day in Ohio for voter registration quickly approaching, Ross pushed students to register and to get out there and get other students to do the same.

“I’m one of millions of volunteers. This doesn’t happen with one person it happens with all of us,” Ross said.

October 9 is the last day to register to vote and to help give access to Wright State University students there will be a bus to take people to register. The bus will leave from Millet Hall at 12:00, 3:00, and 6:00. Students interested are advised to meet at Millet Hall prior to the departure time.

Registration is also available online at www.gottavote.com or www.gottaregister.com.

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Wright State University.
Actress comes to campus to push for voter registration