Wright State University.

Network equipment stolen from College Park Apartments

Charles Grove, Sports Writer

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A number of network routers and other networking equipment were stolen from three college park campus apartment buildings last night.

Police suspect the break-in occurred between 5-6:30 a.m. early Wednesday morning but an investigation is still being conducted at this time.

CATS Network closets in apartments 2184, 2190, and 2150 were all broken into and devices routing Internet access through hardwire Ethernet ports for residents living in the apartments were stolen.

There is no estimate of how much the devices are worth, but Director of Housing Dan Bertsos says that CATS has replaced the devices and internet should be up and running in the apartments.

CATS had no official comment at this time.

An anonymous resident of College Park building 2184 said she noticed a suspicious man who was leaning on the third floor balcony outside the network closet at about 5 a.m. last night and noticed him once again before leaving for her morning class.

“When he saw me he turned and walked down the stairs of the apartment in front of me. I think he may have been waiting for me to leave,” the anonymous student said.

The student described the suspicious male as a skinny built Caucasian with black hair and about 5’7” in height wearing a gray pullover and jeans.

If you know anything regarding the situation you are encouraged to contact Wright State Police at (937) 775-2056.

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Wright State University.
Network equipment stolen from College Park Apartments