Popular, weird, and practical apps for your smartphone

Thomas Koronowski, Contributing Writer
December 6, 2013
Filed under Arts & Entertainment

With over one million apps offered by both Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, there are many app options for smartphone users.

If one would rather play games or check the weather, there are apps for that, which works out great for WSU graduate student Christopher Cushman.

“I don’t use my smartphone that often,” said Cushman, “but when I do I play Hilly Climb Racing.”

Hill Climb Racing is a racing game, where the user drives around on challenging uphill racetracks. This very popular title has over 50 million downloads on the Play Store alone.

“I also often use The Weather Channel app and a Push-Up app,” said Cushman.

The Push-Up app gives you a training regime and tracks how well you are doing.

For people who often travel great distances, there are apps for their trips.

Michael Bourne an adjunct in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department often travels 3 hours away to visit friends and family.

“I really like Gas Buddy,” said Bourne. “Whenever I have to travel back home I use it to locate any nearby gas stations and then the app tells me which one has the lowest gas price.”

Megan O’Brien, a junior, likes to use her smartphone to watch TV.

“My favorite app is Netflix,” said O’Brien, “I mostly use it to watch TV shows, like Dawson’s Creek.  The other app I use often is my email app,” said O’Brien. “I use it every day.”

“The weirdest app I have ever used,” said O’Brien, “was an app that made you age. I had it on my old phone and it gave me wrinkles to make me look like I was 75.”

There are many strange apps.  The Weather Wear app is part weather radar and part a recommendation of what one should wear according to the weather climate.

Another nearly unheard of app is the Your Man Reminder App, an app where a ‘hot guy’ appears on the screen reminding women it’s time for their breast exam.  Yes, we didn’t know about this one either.

Finally, there is the Daily Water app, an app that sounds an alarm each time one should be drinking water. The end goal is to down eight classes of H20 and the phone will leave you alone.

Yes, there is an app for everything.

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