Wright State University.

Wright State alumnus Nightbeast returns to Dayton

Kelsey Anne Smith, Contributing Writer

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Wright State alumnus Nick Testa will bring his band home for performances.  On Nov. 23, Nightbeast, a comical hip-hop band, will bring their entertainment to W.O. Wright’s.

Nick Testa, the lead of the band of six, began performing electronic joke songs and has been known as “Nightbeast” for 10 years.  Originally from Kettering, Testa released solo albums in 2008 and 2011, and is anticipating releasing either another solo or a band EP in the spring.

Testa began his quest as The Nightbeast with a humble aspiration to make music.

“I had a Casio keyboard, and I’m way better at goofy than serious,” Testa said.

In the past, Testa worked as a guitar technician for another band and was able to use that opportunity to take his music to every state, England and Japan.  However, he prefers playing locally, at places such as downtown’s Blind Bob’s.

“I’d rather play for people who want to see us,” Testa said.

“Our music is geared toward people who don’t really fit in,” Testa said.

He emphasized that Nightbeast’s performances are a great way to get out and meet new people.

“We have a bunch of tattooed guys in the band and a bunch of not tattooed guys,” Testa said.  “We don’t fit in with anyone, so we can play with everyone.”

The arrival of Nightbeast at W.O. Wright’s is a unique opportunity to enjoy some humorous but energetic beats.

“The music is directed toward a party atmosphere,” said guitarist Robbie Bauer. “The vibe will go over very well.”

Nightbeast performed at W.O. Wright’s eight months ago.

“We have more songs and more people,” Bauer said. “They’ll like the full band effect of what is going to happen.”

Those looking for a rambunctious but entertaining party should keep Nightbeast in mind.

“Most of the band and fans (guys only) take their shirts off,” Testa said. “It’s kind of a thing, now I just expect it.”

Nightbeast’s performance will begin at 10 p.m. on both Nov. 17 at Blind Bob’s and Nov. 23 at W.O. Wright’s. Visit NightbeastUSA’s YouTube channel or thenightbeast.com for more details about Nightbeast’s style and shows.

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Wright State University.
Wright State alumnus Nightbeast returns to Dayton